Khwaahish Launches Gulz, its New Rose Gold and Diamond Jewellery Collection

Khwaahish is synonymous with specially crafted diamond jewellery that epitomises style, luxury, and elegance. Every piece of jewellery at Khwaahish is designed to perfection using only the finest natural diamonds sourced from various countries across the globe. 


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Gulz Collection | Khwaahish Diamonds Chennai


Khwaahish recently launched Gulz to usher in Diwali 2022. Gulz is an exquisite collection of rose gold and diamond jewellery that is minimalist, luxurious, and in line with contemporary trends. Speaking about the launch, the spokesperson for the jewellery boutique said, “Every piece of jewellery from Khwaahish is a unique combination of traditional and trendsetting elements that cater to individual preferences. This exclusivity sets us apart from our competitors. Our latest collection, Gulz, is a celebration of the modern woman. Crafted in rose gold, the collection features an array of bangles, rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces for today’s woman of substance. Our brand’s signature detailing elevates each piece to modern luxury.” 


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Twinkling Beauty Diamond Layered Necklace


The Gulz collection is Khwaahish’s take on modern partywear jewellery designed to celebrate every modern woman and make her feel extra special. Each piece paints a vivid portrait of today’s woman of substance, who embodies timeless beauty and electrifying energy,” the spokesperson further explained when asked about the latest collection.


We have introduced Gulz to mark the festive occasion of Diwali,” said the spokesperson. “Gulz reinforces the Khwaahish mantra, ‘If you’ve got it – flaunt it!‘ It is yet another example of Khwaahish standing out against the prevailing customary traditions. Instead of investing in gold coins, pooja artefacts, and other run-of-the-mill jewellery this Diwali, our customers can choose from our Gulz collection.”


Khwaahish’s Instagram page was flooded with more than 7,00,000 views In the first few days following the collection’s launch. “Gulz is an ultimate embodiment of timeless glamour. It is an iconic jewellery collection, which is here to stay, thanks to the dedication shown by our founders and our team that focuses relentlessly on making Khwaahish an exclusive name in the jewellery industry,” commented the spokesperson.


Thanks to our in-house design and manufacturing team of certified jewellers, our collections have always been competitively priced. The Khwaahish brand has always offered wearable jewellery with contemporary designs catering to the likes of the younger generation, giving us a unique proposition in terms of design range and an extra edge over our competitors. Visit the Khwaahish store today to experience an unparalleled retail experience,” the spokesperson concluded. 


About Khwaahish

Khwaahish is an exclusive boutique for high-quality diamond jewellery in Chennai. Founded in 2003, the brand has been the go-to name for specially-crafted diamond jewellery for men and women. As a brand synonymous with elegance and class, Khwaahish is well-known for its curated collection of exclusive wedding jewellery, stylish and stunning party wear jewellery, simple and smart daily wear collections, and timeless solitaires. Khwaahish is located in the heart of Chennai. 



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