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Kasamba Astrologers Make Predictions For 2021

NEW YORK, Oct. 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — For centuries people have been fascinated by the different celestial bodies and have used them and their positioning to help predict future events. Even today, astrology predictions by date of birth is common practice. It is no wonder that astrology predictions for 2021 is something that many have turned to to find answers after all the hardships faced in 2020. Leading astrologers from Kasamba, an online psychic platform, explain why there is reason to be hopeful as we head into the second half of 2021.

A Cosmic Reset

There is no doubt that 2020 was the year which changed the world. When looking at the astrology of 2020, numerous major planets were forming alignments that hadn’t been seen in years, one in particular was the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. This essentially signaled a cosmic reset and is something that usually happens around every 40 years and generally coincides with some kind of major upheaval on a global level.

If 2020 was the year the world was turned upside down, 2021 is a year of healing and refocusing on our values and goals, both as individuals and as part of society as a whole. The astrology of 2021 is directly impacted by the massive changes brought about in 2020 and has provided us with many insights into how we are living our lives and what our new normal looks like.

New Beginnings

Astrology predictions for 2021 have primarily focused on the movements of Jupiter and Saturn. Saturn is a planet that represents structure and hard work, while Jupiter is a planet that represents freedom and fun. They are the polar opposites, the ultimate yin and yang, which together bring a balance of energy. This year they are coming together in a new element for the first time in about two centuries.

“These two celestial bodies form an alignment every 20 years, however, their alignment this year is extra special as it is the beginning of a new 200-year cycle. This year, they meet in Aquarius, an air sign, while since the early 1800s they have been uniting in earth signs. This indicates we’ll start to experience numerous shifts on a large scale. Aquarius is a sign associated with sudden change and so we need to be thoughtful with how we live, work, and cooperate with each other” explains Kasamba astrologer, Lilly.

These planets will remain in Aquarius for most of 2021, and as Aquarius is a sign that governs social interactions, technology, individuality, and inventiveness, we will see major advances in these areas. “2020 brought our lives to a standstill and we had to get creative with how we were going to stay connected. This moved most of our lives online. But this is only the beginning. Even as we have started to return to more normal in-person interactions, that online element is still there with the continuation of live streaming events and using these advances to spread information to a wider audience.” says Lilly. “The air element of this alignment brings a fresh, new vibe to the table which makes it a good time for starting over and making the necessary changes to reach your goals.”

Jupiter Retrograde

Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system and is considered one of the most important in Astrology. It is considered protective in nature and overseas luck, prosperity, spirituality, fortune, and wisdom. It goes retrograde once a year for about four months, but in 2021, it is the only retrograde that will change signs and provide two distinct themes over the course of its retrograde.

It starts off the year in Aquarius, but then shifts into Pisces in mid-May, where it will stay for about a month, before retrograding back into Aquarius towards the end of July where it will remain till the end of the year. While Jupiter is in retrograde in Pisces, the emotional sign, reflection on emotional needs and taking care of our mental health is expected. As it shifts back to Aquarius, the focus may be on working well as part of a team to enact change and boost fortune.

According to Lilly, “Like every retrograde, this is an excellent opportunity to reflect on our lives. While Jupiter is in Pisces, you may realize you are giving too much of your energy to certain situations or that you are not dealing with daily stressors in an effective manner. During the Jupiter retrograde in Aquarius, you may notice that you have taken on more than you can manage regarding a team project, or you are too set in your ways when it relates to your ideals.”

As Jupiter is a sign that extends beyond the personal, its effects will be felt on the societal level as well. This will become very evident when it is in Aquarius which is known to be humanitarian in nature and focused on the whole rather than the individual.

Lilly predicts that December will be a turning point for hope during these uncertain times. This is when Jupiter returns to Pisces in the last few days of the year, and we also experience the final eclipse of the year. “It is likely that as the year 2021 comes to an end, we experience a strengthening of compassion to our fellow members of society. This trust in each other can be very healing.”

How Accurate Are Astrology Predictions?

The study of the different celestial bodies – such as the sun, moon, and planets – and their movements has been around for hundreds of years. There is evidence of it dating back all the way to the Babylonian and Mesopotamian era, around 3000 BC. Understanding how the different shifts and positioning of the celestial bodies can influence our personalities, our life choices, and our relationships with others can go a long way in making sense of the world around us.

These shifts in the positioning of the different celestial bodies will affect each person differently. There are many different aspects which go into the accuracy of astrology predictions. It is worthwhile getting your birth chart professionally read to better understand how certain shifts of the planets may affect you personally. Kasamba has a number of professional astrologers who can help you better understand your birth chart as well as astrology predictions by date of birth and how astrology predictions for 2021 directly affect you.

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