Kapture CX Rewarded with Most Popular Software in CRM for Q1 2023 and Featured in the Best of Software 2023 List

Kapture – a renowned SaaS-based Customer Experience platform has recently been rewarded with the title of “Most Popular Software in CRM for Q1 2023” by SaaSworthy and has also been featured in the list of Best Software 2023 released by G2.


The recognitions are attributed to Kapture’s consistent, innovative efforts and customer-centric approach in delivering delightful experiences to digitally driven brands.



Kapture CX – Most Popular Software in CRM for Q1 2023


Commenting on the win, Sheshgiri Kamath, CEO & Co-founder, of Kapture said, “We are incredibly honoured to receive the rewards that are the true testament to our excellence in delivering superior customer experiences in the Indian digital market. We are expecting a similar response from the new markets we are venturing into in 2023 including Southeast Asia, the Middle East and the US.”


SaaSworthy is a renowned platform that helps stakeholders in the technology domain to choose the right SaaS product for their business. It is based on detailed product information, authentic and unbiased reviews, SW scores, recommendations, etc. The title of the Most Popular Software in CRM for Q1 in 2023 has been awarded to Kapture due to its continued efforts and innovation in providing industry leaders with one of the most sought-after SaaS-based CRM platforms, backed by Machine Learning capabilities.


Kapture harnesses the potential of automation technology to help enterprises manage customer interactions from multiple communication points and brings it on a unified dashboard. Several leading customer-centric brands in India partnered with Kapture to deliver delightful support in 2022 which has enabled the platform to acquire a unique position in the Best Software 2023 List by G2 – the largest and the most trusted software marketplace used by the world’s leading tech companies.


As a product, Kapture journey began in 2016 with a focus on enabling delightful customer experiences. As a platform, Kapture helps brands provide omnichannel customer support to their customers by integrating across all customer touch points and providing contextual and hyperpersonalised responses and resolutions. It helps them reach out to their customers based on their preferred medium. The platform provides quick resolutions and is focused on verticals such as retail (online and offline commerce), Travel, Consumer durables and recently BFSI. The significant domain expertise across these verticals helps bring significant expertise in these focused verticals which translates into more bang for buck or the enterprise.


Kapture is ISO-certified and GDPR compliant which makes it Industry Grade secure. In a short span, the platform has acquired over 1000 customers across 16 countries that have deployed Kapture, catering to industries like E-commerce, Internet companies, Real estate, Hotel, Travel, Cruise Lines, Airlines, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Equipment.


About Kapture

Kapture is a renowned SaaS-based Customer Experience platform that deeply focuses on customer support and enables personal customer interactions. Founded in 2014, Kapture CX is a brainchild of three technopreneurs – Sheshgiri Kamath, Vikas Garg, and Pearl Tewari who started the company with an idea to provide consistent, personalised and delightful customer experience to startups, large enterprises, D2C businesses and B2B service CRM through machine learning capabilities.


Currently, Kapture CX is deployed by 1000+ customers worldwide across 16 countries. It caters to industries like E-commerce, Internet companies, Real estate, Hotel, Travel, Cruise Line, Airlines, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Equipment.

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