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KAnalysis Consultants has Crossed Filing of 20,000 IP Rights Across 26 Countries

  • The firm offers a single window solution to all IP needs across the globe and has been extremely successful

  • KAnalysis is currently managing 5000 Patents and over 14000 Trademark applications

  • To boost the MSME sector, KAnalysis is setting up a dedicated IP Desk for Indian SMEs who wish to seek any advice in relation to going global


KAnalysis Consultants a Delhi based India’s leading Intellectual Property (IP) boutique firm, managing global IP portfolios for their clients was started by a group of engineers and attorneys in 2007. This month, KAnalysis as a one stop solution for all national & international IP filings, has crossed filing of 20,000 IP rights for their clients, spread across 26 Countries.


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Left to Right – Mr. Amit Singh, Partner, Mr. Nilanshu Shekhar, Managing Partner and Mr. Ashutosh Choudhary, Partner, KAnalysis Consultants


Traditionally, global IP filings were done by engaging individual firms in each jurisdiction and coordinating with each one was extremely inefficient and expensive. Moreover, finding the most suitable firm in that specific jurisdiction and ensuring that all requirements are timely met towards successful registration was extremely challenging.


Mr. Ashutosh Choudhary, Partner – KAnalysis elaborated that “After working in the domain of IP for over 15 Years we realized that Global IP Filing and management is not just about submitting documents and seeking a registration, but it is a well-orchestrated strategy. Our approach is based on our experience of managing clients ranging individual inventors to big corporates and an effective saving of around 35-40% of the costs was possible in comparison to the amount expended previously just during the filing and prosecution stage. This would enable companies to extract more value from their yearly IP budget allocation helping them file more.”


The real crux lies in not just in filing and securing registrations across the globe but to align the current business model and future business aspirations with IP. For example, filing and exchanging documents is one part, but to counsel clients on where to file, when to file, what to file, when to request examination, how to effectively use cross boarder treaties are some of the things that only a firm having a birds-eye view of the overall process and working closely with a company can offer.


Mr. Amit Singh, Partner – KAnalysis added that, “It is our proven track record that speaks volumes about our processes and expertise. We are currently managing a portfolio of about 5000 Patents and over 14000 Trademark applications spanning 26 Jurisdictions, and that our numbers are unparalleled to any Indian firm in terms of managing global IP portfolios. Our expertise lies in not just optimizing the overall costs but delivering high percentage of successful results.”


Building and managing a global IP portfolio begins with the very first step of ideation, leading to section of pursuable IP for filing, choosing the correct jurisdictions in alignment with current business needs and future aspirations, and being together in this whole process hand in glove with the client.


Commenting on the achievement and to construe the process, Mr. Nilanshu Shekhar – Managing Partner, KAnalysis Consultants said, “Our system works on providing a single window solution to all IP needs across the globe and has been extremely successful. We would like to thank our clients who have shown their confidence & trust in us and a big applause to our team who worked tirelessly in achieving this milestone. The complex maze of global filing and prosecution is a nightmare and there was a need to simplify the process by offering a single window cost-optimized solution that could guide and hand-hold companies enabling them to harness the power of IP in a global marketplace.”


The paradigm shifts the team at KAnalysis see here is the rise of SME sector in India and their approach towards going global by breaking the Myth that seeking IP protection in India or that matter in any country across the globe is very expensive. The firm deploys specific strategies that enables any company to optimize and manage IP expenditure without compromising on the level of protection and future strategies and is in the process of setting up a dedicated IP Desk for Indian SMEs who wish to seek any advice in relation to going global.

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