K11's First Flagship Project in the Chinese Mainland Officially Named K11 ECOAST, Creating A New Harbourfront Cultural Retail Destination in the Greater Bay Area

SHENZHEN, China, July 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A one-of-a-kind commercial complex worth RMB10 billion and jointly developed by New World Development Company Limited (the parent company of K11) and China Merchants Shekou Holdings in Shenzhen, was officially named K11 ECOAST.

Located in Prince Bay, Nanshan, Shenzhen, and with a total GFA of 228,500 sq. meters, K11 ECOAST is K11’s first flagship project in the Chinese mainland consisting of K11 Art Mall, K11 HACC multi-purpose art space, K11 ATELIER office building, and the Promenade. The inspiration for the name “K11 ECOAST” combines the concept of green development alongside the conservation of waterfront resources. The complex is dedicated to promoting a sustainable, circular lifestyle and integrated the concept of environmental protection through the power of creativity, culture, and innovation.

Scheduled to open at the end of 2024, K11 ECOAST will be the new harbourfront cultural retail destination and circular economy trailblazer in the Greater Bay Area.

Globally renowned artists and designers forge K11 ECOAST into a new creative cultural benchmark in the Greater Bay Area

Blessed with unique geographic advantages in winding promenades and breathtaking seascapes, K11 ECOAST will impress visitors with natural beauty and the extraordinary experiences it provides. Upholding the core values of Art, People, and Nature, K11 ECOAST has partnered with 50 world-leading artists and architects to create the most aesthetic and impactful of China’s seaside art districts.

A team of architects of K11 ECOAST includes David Chipperfield, a renowned UK architect, one of only eight architects honored with a knighthood and the designer of Shanghai West Bund Museum, OMA which designed the CCTV Headquarters in Beijing, and leading Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto, celebrated for his integration of nature and architecture. The three architectural masters delve into the elaborate balance between architecture and nature, skillfully harmonizing the architectural design with the coastal landscape, birthing a new hot spot and destination for creative culture and eco-friendly life in the Greater Bay Area.   

“FLOATING GARDEN PAVILION”, Rooftop installation at K11, by Sou Fujimoto

As a vanguard for cultural retail, K11 strives to promote and incubate the soft power of Chinese culture, leading every visitor into a journey of imagination. K11 HACC multi-purpose art space proactively combines a variety of contemporary arts and creative culture to offer an ideal exhibition and activity platform for artists, designers, and art organizations. So far, partnerships have been established with leading art and cultural institutions around the world to build the ecology of the space. World renowned names like MoMA PS1, the Centre Pompidou, the New Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Palais de Tokyo are onboard. K11 HACC gathers cultural and artistic vanguards and joins hands with famous curators to present a splendid contemporary artistic world.

K11 HACC at K11 ECOAST will create a compelling space for artistic communication through a collection of contemporary masterpieces from around the world, and act as a grand stage for up-and-coming Chinese artists to stimulate creativity, enrich urban living, and establish an inspirational cultural and artistic hub.

Visual Rendering of K11 HACC multi-purpose art space

The K11 Art Mall will allow visitors to enjoy outstanding artworks contributed by foreign artists in honor of Shenzhen’s unique culture, including public art pieces by two female sculptors–Phyllida Barlow from the UK and Monika Sosnowska from Poland.  

K11 is the force behind the “Art + Commerce” model, creating added value for businesses and promoting the development of local art and culture within a commercially defined space. The concept of integrating art and people with business is embodied in all aspects of the K11 ECOAST layout, from its split-level entryway design to its 270° sea view restaurants, pet-friendly environment and the immersive multi-sensory artistic experience offered. With a keen focus on long-term social development, cooperation is underway with New World Group, which boasts a huge ecosystem of over 14 million members and creates share values with communities. Partnerships like these help to deliver a more diversified commercial experience with artistic and cultural features, attracting new generations in pursuit of cultural and spiritual trends.

Largest Total LEED Platinum Pre-Certified Cluster of Buildings in the Greater Bay Area

K11 ECOAST was designed and constructed in accordance with China’s 14th Five-Year Plan national guidelines on environmental protection and sustainable development for the circular economy. Echoing the “Zero-Waste City” building pilot program undertaken in Shenzhen, K11 ECOAST capitalized on the opportunity to act as a pioneer by integrating circular economy principles into its design and operations, remarkably reducing waste, and ensuring environmental protection in architectural design, food, fashion, and education. As a result, waste has been reduced significantly, ensuring better environmental protection and a greener, safer, more enjoyable retail experience for visitors. 

K11 ECOAST embraces the “Sponge City” concept for sustainable stormwater management, alleviating pressure on the city’s existing drainage system. Featuring 60,000 sq. meters of outdoor landscaping, the largest among all K11 projects, K11 ECOAST fully incorporates green and healthy building concepts into its design using renewable energy, recyclable materials, and hospital-grade air filtering systems. K11 ECOAST consists of three WELL pre-certified and LEED Platinum pre-certified buildings at the highest certification level, making it the largest total LEED Platinum pre-certified cluster of buildings in the Greater Bay Area. 

K11 ECOAST Contributes to City-Industry Convergence and Win-Win in the Greater Bay Area

Located in the Nanshan District of Shenzhen, a core Greater Bay Area city, K11 ECOAST boasts an infrastructural network highlighted by multiple integrated transportation systems and a one-hour living circle that extends to 30 million people and an area of significant influence in many Asian countries.

With the Belt and Road guidelines, Shenzhen is committed to building itself into the most competitive international consumer hub city. Here, K11 ECOAST, together with numerous international brands, will unlock the local consumption potential and drive internationalized consumption in Shenzhen and the Greater Bay Area. In the meantime, Shenzhen is implementing the Sustainable Development Goals and taking the lead in creating a model city which embraces the harmonious coexistence of people and nature, which acts as the constant driving force behind the sustainable development of K11 ECOAST. Backed by Shenzhen’s keen innovation spirit and huge market potential, an incentive for the constant upgrading of brands, K11 ECOAST will make fantastic contributions to economic development in the Greater Bay Area.

Visual Rendering of K11

Integrating arts, commerce, and the circular economy, K11 ECOAST is destined to become a harbourfront cultural retail destination in the Greater Bay Area, pushing high-quality economic and social development and advocating for trendy, high-end consumption.

About K11 Group:

K11 Group is a unique concept brand that combines culture and commerce, sustaining an ecosystem that caters to all walks of life. Founded in 2008 by renowned entrepreneur Adrian Cheng, the Group encourages a deeper look at the interconnectivity between creativity, culture, and innovation. Through K11 Group, Cheng’s aim is to enrich the daily lives of next-generation consumers and create a new global identity for Chinese millennials, as well as cultivate opportunities for communities to thrive, connect, work and shop.

K11 Group is based in Hong Kong SAR with operations in Greater China and investments in Europe and the US. By 2026, K11 Group will have gained a footprint of 38 projects (GFA 2.80 million sq.m) in 10 cities across the Greater China. In addition to its flagship K11 MUSEA, 11 SKIES, and K11 Art Malls, the Group operates K11 ATELIER, K11 ARTUS, and K11 Select. In addition, it cultivates cultural richness through the Hong Kong non-profit K11 Art Foundation and the K11 Craft & Guild Foundation, alongside educational platforms like K11 KULTURE ACADEMY & K11 Future Taskforce.

About K11 ECOAST:

K11 ECOAST, located in Prince Bay, Nanshan, Shenzhen, is the harbourfront cultural retail destination and circular economy trailblazer in the Greater Bay Area. Scheduled to open at the end of 2024, the project includes the K11 Art Mall, K11 HACC multi-purpose art space, K11 ATELIER office building, and the Promenade, with a total GFA of 228,500 m2.

Upholding the K11 brand’s core values of Art, People, and Nature, K11 ECOAST is determined to break through the conventional business models to integrate international art and culture into commercial development, cultivating a unique cultural retail experience. K11 ECOAST does not simply bring together prestigious international brands while keeping a finger on the pulse of high-end fashion – it collects contemporary masterpieces from around the world, and serve as a grand stage for budding Chinese artists. Together, they are furnishing a cultural and artistic hub to nourish inspiration – creating a new milestone in cultural retail.

Located in the Greater Bay Area, an area with endless potential, K11 ECOAST will soon become the flagship and crown jewel of K11. The Greater Bay Area will continue to promote the development of a creative and green economy leverages its innovative advantages alongside Shenzhen, and create a richer, more imaginative commercial experience and forger a stronger connection with the world.



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