Jose Ucar, Public Speaking & Presentation Coach, Releases 5 Tips for a Successful Product Launch Presentation

Jose Ucar, founder of Jose Ucar Coaching announces today the release of his top 5 tips for a successful product launch presentation. These tips are universal and can be applied to any product category such as a new car, business or beauty product launch etc.

LONDON, June 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Jose Ucar, a top public speaking and presentation coach and founder of Jose Ucar Coaching, announces today the release of his top 5 tips for a successful product launch presentation. These tips are universal and can be applied to any product category such as a new car, business or beauty product launch etc.

“Your job as a presenter goes well beyond just sharing information,” says Ucar. “Your job is to keep the audience engaged, to inspire and entertain, to help them experience in their minds how your product will change their lives, and ultimately to encourage them to take action.”

Jose’s top five tips are as follows:

  1. Start with the end in mind. What should the audience take away, think and feel at the end of the presentation? The best way to measure success is by looking at the audience’s response. Look at it this way, the purpose of the product launch presentation is to inspire the audience to act on the information they are receiving.
  2. Don’t talk at them, instead, engage the audience in conversation. The mind can only cope with so much information, so it’s important to check in with the audience and create interactions throughout the talk. If facts are an integral part of the presentation, put them into perspective for greater impact. Ask questions to make people feel they are part of the conversation and leverage any reactions they have throughout the presentation.
  3. Don’t tell, show them how the product will make their lives better. Nothing produces better results than showing the audience what the product will do for them. Tesla’s Cybertruck launch event is a great example of this. Elon Musk says the body of the truck is super hard while a colleague hits the door with a sledgehammer. How can someone forget that? Also, if a customer is looking for a tough and long-lasting truck, this is hitting the spot. Get creative when it comes to showing the benefits of the offering.
  4. Use visual aids only to enhance your presentation. Avoid death by PowerPoint! Visuals should only be used to illustrate and enhance points and to make it easier for the audience to understand and remember. Use quotes, questions, images, and graphics as long as they don’t overload the slide deck. If they must be used, do one per slide. Ask, how is this slide going to make the presentation more impactful and memorable?
  5. Have a clear plan in mind, as opposed to a rigid script. Cleverly constructed sentences and marketing lingo may work for content strategy, but it’s not generally how we speak. This can also make it very challenging for the speaker to remember the presentation. Also reading from a teleprompter takes away the impact the speaker could have had otherwise. Instead, speakers should have a clear structure with the points they want to make along with key information to expand on. Speakers can use analogies, stories, and data to back up their points. After all, the speaker is the expert in their field and shouldn’t need to memorize their own content word by word. Authenticity is paramount.

A presentation coach is valuable for executives who find themselves in the crosshairs of common public speaking issues, such as nervousness and a lack of confidence. A presentation coach can be especially invaluable when facing a high-stakes presentation that could make or break a business. Lastly, a presentation coach can help with navigating and crafting a presentation that not only informs but also generates revenue for the speaker’s business.

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About Jose Ucar Coaching

Jose is a global TEDx speaker and Host, NLP coach, international business, marketing specialist and founder of Jose Ucar Coaching and Bros in Marketing. Jose has spent the last ten years assisting businesses all over the world in affecting transformational change using advanced presentation and communication skills. He has worked with many top companies including; SEAT and CUPRA, Procter & Gamble and the NHS. Jose is available to coach and support employees, entrepreneurs and executive teams to deliver impactful presentations. To schedule a consultation with Jose visit or at


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