Invest Safely Even During Market Fluctuations with Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit

There is always an air of uncertainty around market-linked investment instruments and it became amply evident on Monday with Sensex tanking by more than 900 points. And while there is no denying that investment options like Mutual Funds and stocks usually offer good returns, they also come with the risk of eroding the principal amount.


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Invest safely even during market fluctuations with Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit


Since wealth building is a systematic process, investing in a sound financial tool is crucial for securing one’s savings. Fixed deposits have been the traditional favourites of Indian investors. According to various surveys conducted by RBI and SEBI over a period, a significant chunk of the Indian investors still prefers to invest in bank deposits. And for those looking at such investment options, Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit offers good returns without the risk of market fluctuations.


Here’s a quick look at how a fixed deposit can enrich one’s finances.


Low risk returns

Though equities and stocks are essential investment options, their proportion in one’s portfolio should be based on risk appetite, investment goals and age. With market volatilities at an all-time high, it is now more important than ever to park some of your investments in fixed deposits. Investors can benefit from high interest rates while enjoying many other benefits that make FDs a must-have element in investment portfolios. Bajaj Finance provides investors with the dual benefit of attractive returns of up to 7.05% and highest safety assurance by CRISIL and ICRA. 


Pre-determined returns

When one invests in a sound investment tool like a fixed deposit, they can build a sizeable corpus that can be used to fulfil financial goals, fund emergencies, etc. Longer tenors also earn more at maturity helping investors make most of the accrued interest. While these fixed-income instruments traditionally yield lower returns investing in a Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposits an ideal option when one’s looking for high returns with a low-risk appetite.


Here are a few reasons to consider investing in a Bajaj Finance online FD.


Attractive returns

Bajaj Finance offers fixed deposit interest rates up to 6.80% for citizens under 60 years, and senior citizens can earn up to 7.05%. Investors can use the FD interest calculator to get accurate information about possible earnings over varied combinations of amounts, tenors and FD type.


Consider that an individual invests Rs. 2,00,000 in a Bajaj Finance FD. The table below shows the returns they can receive, basis the tenor they choose.


Customer Type


Rate of Interest

Interest amount

Maturity Amount

Citizen aged below 60 years 

2 years


Rs. 26,419

Rs. 2,26,419

Citizen aged below 60 years 

4 years


Rs. 60,205

Rs. 2,60,205

Senior citizen  

2 years


Rs. 27,484

Rs. 2,27,484

Senior citizen  

4 years


Rs. 62,650

Rs. 2,62,650



Thus, one can look at attractive FD rates with the assurance of generous returns on their deposit. This makes a Bajaj Finance online FD a worthwhile investment tool for individuals looking to mitigate risks and diversify their investment portfolio.


Easy liquidity with loan facility

It is vital to prepare for an unforeseen emergency that demands a quick and easy cash flow. With Bajaj Finance FD, investors can avail of an easy loan against FD that goes up to 75% of the value of their FD at an incremental


Easy online investment procedure

With this online FD process, there is no need to wait in long queues. One can easily invest from the comfort of their homes and book an FD in a few minutes.


Keeping these pointers in mind, one should certainly consider a Bajaj Finance online FD, for it is a  promising mode of investment amidst current market volatilities with an assurance of maximum safety.

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