Introducing ALSET Auto, the leading Tesla Ceramic Coating Service in Redmond WA

Get You Ceramic Coating For Tesla Model in Redmond WA

Get Your Ceramic Coating For Tesla Model in Redmond WA

Paint Protection Shop in Redmond WA

Paint Protection Shop in Redmond WA

protect your tesla with ceramic coating in Redmond

Great Ceramic Coating in Redmond WA

ALSET Auto is a leading car Paint Protection Service company that delivers its impeccable services to not just any car, but Tesla Motors alone, in Redmond, WA

REDMOND, WA, USA, July 26, 2022 / — ALSET Auto specializes in applying durable films and proprietary coatings that will enhance, protect, and preserve the paint and finish of your Tesla. Alset Auto understands that a Tesla is a unique and valuable investment, so you must take the time to tailor services to each individual Tesla and owner.

A great pricing model that comes with Alset Auto means that you will never be surprised by hidden fees or upsells. What you see is what you should expect to pay, period. The company takes pride in its specialized services in the Tesla market and is the break away leader in the paint protection industry.

There are many paint protection companies out there, but Alset Auto is the best choice for your Tesla. With a focus on the Brand Tesla, Alset Auto is the obvious choice when it comes to protecting your EV. ALSET Auto doesn’t offer wheels, suspension upgrades or bodykits. They specialize in only one area: protecting Teslas. “By focusing on professional PPF and ceramic coatings that are formulated for Tesla, we’re able to design them to be unique like the machines we drive,” said Phil Bunting CEO Alset Auto.

Broken down for the layman, Industry-grade ceramic coating is a chemical polymer solution that is applied to the exterior of a vehicle to protect it from external paint damage. This service is very important because the sun’s rays are the most common source of damage to a car’s interior (including Tesla). More specifically, exposure to UV light causes the Tesla dash to fade alongside the car’s upholstery over time. In worse cases, exposure to UV light can lead to cracking, significantly reducing the car’s resale value.

Typically applied by hand, ceramic coating blends with the paint of the Tesla and creates an additional hydrophobic layer of protection. ALSET Auto’s services is guaranteed to protect Tesla vehicles from sun damage during the summer. ”With our ceramic coating, you can prevent the sun’s UV rays from having the a harmful impact on your car while also giving it a brilliant look that elevates your paint’s glossy shine,” declared Phil.

Other major benefits of ceramic coatings for cars, especially Tesla vehicles, include:

· Hydrophobic Nature

· Ease of Cleaning

· Candy-Like Gloss Protection from Chemical Stains

· Protection from Harmful UV Rays

ALSET Auto offers not just ceramic coating, but also Paint Protection Film (PPF) for Tesla Motors

. Both are very different types of protection that offer two very different benefits for Tesla owners. 90% of ALSET Auto customers opt for full front PPF to protect frontal impact zones from rock chips, combined with the company’s full ceramic package to protect the entire exterior from water spots, light scratches and blemishes.

In its commitment to deliver innovation and finesse for Tesla owners, ALSET Auto introduced the visual configurator, a tool designed to help clients customize their TESLA, get pricing, share their build and schedule services. ”with the configurator, you can access a variety of our services, including full front end protection packages, vehicle wraps, ceramic coating, and window tinting, said Phil.

ALSET Auto operates on the business principles and core beliefs of honesty, integrity, professionalism, thoughtful solutions, market/industry knowledge, hard work, and creating memorable relationships between company and client. Today, they can proudly say they are the quintessential blend of speed and quality service—business qualities with which they will serve their clients in Redmond WA to their utmost satisfaction.

Phil Bunting
Alset Auto Seattle
+1 425-201-4146
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Ceramic Coating For Tesla in Redmond


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