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smile liveness

Smile liveness check is easy and natural

Semi-active liveness detection combines positive user experience with high security. You can try it out at Seamless Middle East show in Dubai starting May 31st

Some of our customers want their users to have a certain level of involvement during the liveness check of the onboarding process. That’s why we developed Smile liveness – it’s natural to smile.”

— Daniel Ferak, DOT business unit director, Innovatrics

BRATISLAVA, SLOVAKIA, May 30, 2022 / — While accurate face matching is a crucial component in remote onboarding solutions, proper KYC also requires proof that the person in front of a camera is truly alive. This so-called liveness detection has matured rapidly, leading to a number of different approaches.

Innovatrics is always innovating to offer its partners and customers flexibility in how they integrate and deploy technology for face presentation attack detection. The users now just take a selfie and then smile into the camera, instantly proving they are genuine. “Some of our customers want their users to have a certain level of involvement during the liveness check of the onboarding process. Our goal was to offer them, of course, high security and the best user experience possible. That’s why we developed Smile liveness – it’s easy and natural to smile,” explains Daniel Ferak, business unit director of Digital Onboarding Toolkit (DOT) at Innovatrics.

Innovatrics started out offering active liveness detection with users being challenged to follow a moving dot on their screens. Then, in 2020, the company introduced fully passive liveness detection, requiring just a single frame to assess the liveness of a given face with no interaction from the user.

Smile Liveness combines the best of both worlds, meaning unrivaled security with little to no user experience trade-off, which keeps abandonment rates low. After capturing their selfie, users are simply asked to smile. No complex challenges, no eye or head movement, and no spoken phrases. Just smile.

On the user’s device, Innovatrics’ SDK embedded inside the customer’s app is able to detect changes in the user’s mouth status in real time and capture multiple frames of the user’s face with varying facial expressions. These frames are then sent to the server for evaluation by iBeta Level 2 accredited liveness detection algorithms. More frames means more data. And more data means higher accuracy.

This latest addition to DOT, Innovatrics’ full tech stack for building remote identity verification applications, means system integrators and end customers can configure their onboarding workflows with randomization and unprecedented fallback scenarios, ensuring they stay one step ahead of identity fraudsters.

Customers can try out the technology at Seamless Middle East show starting May 31st at Innovatrics booth #E10 and in Innovatrics iOS and Android demos after the show.

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