IMS Noida Organized an International Webinar on Emerging Challenges in Implementation of International Law

Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

IMS Law College organized an International webinar on “Emerging Challenges in Implementation of International Law. The chief guest of the webinar was Dr. Affef Ben Mansour, Attorney at Law- Paris Bar Public International Law and International Arbitration and Arbitral Women Board Director. The Senior Director of IMS Noida, Dr. Kulneet Suri gave her presence.


The purpose of the webinar is to propose a perspective change and to provide a complimentary analysis of the traditional analysis of the post-adjudicative phase. It was focused on the enforcement of international judgments, decisions, and awards in cases involving States as defendants. The guest speaker Dr. Affef Ben Mansour addressed the students about the legal principles regulating the post-adjudicative phase, the legal hurdles/issues encountered by states in their domestic order when implementing international obligations arising from an international award, decisions, or judgment.


While addressing the webinar Dr. Kulneet Suri, Senior Director IMS Noida discussed the challenges faced in implementing the International Laws and how we can take the best solution to avoid this situation. She added, “We organized the webinar for the benefit of students to understand the proposed perspective is as to take the debtor State, obliged to implement a decision, as the starting point of the analysis, i.e., the State which did not succeed in the proceedings and has obligations ‘to do’, ‘refrain from’ defined in the international award, decision or judgment.”

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