Improvado Raises $22 Million in Series A Funding, Launches

SAN DIEGO, May 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Improvado, a leading, no-code marketing data aggregation platform, today announced it has raised $22 million in a Series A investment led by Updata Partners. The Series A comes on the heels of a seed round that included investments by the CEOs of BlueKai, LiveRamp, and PubMatic. The funding will enable the company to continue to advance its Revenue Data Platform.

The Revenue Data Platform, Improvado’s proprietary marketing & sales data platform, enables marketers, sales, and digital advertisers to ingest data and information streams from separate marketing and sales sources – Facebook, YouTube, TradeDesk, Salesforce, and countless others – and present a full, integrated picture across all marketing efforts and their impact on sales. The aggregation hub built by CTO Dmitry Nasikanov and his team presents new opportunities to mine important insights into what is working and where, without the need for complicated data interfaces or to seek insight one platform at a time. The platform enables marketers to know how every invested dollar is performing and where to invest the next ones, precisely.

“Improvado is the best tool on the market,” said Activision Senior Media Analyst Waleed Noury, an Improvado customer. “Improvado provided us with a simple solution to a complicated problem. Moreover, I have not seen any other platform that is as easy to implement as Improvado. The initial setup — connecting all of our media platforms — took under an hour. The remaining configuration of reports from those API connections took a week. We now rely fully on Improvado for multiple dashboards that we use for day-to-day marketing operations and strategy, as well as for presentations to executive leadership. Users may have minimal technical skills or be highly skilled — it works very well either way. The scalability of its offerings makes Improvado applicable for small marketers as well as companies as big as Activision.”

“Advertisers struggle to understand their ROI across multiple marketing platforms,” said PubMatic Cofounder and CEO Rajeev Goel. “By explaining that ROI clearly and quickly, Improvado’s technology serves an important function — and addresses an important market opportunity.”

“Marketers need tools that make sense of the ever-expanding online marketing landscape,” said Updata Partners General Partner Jon Seeber. “Our investment in Improvado displays our confidence not only in Improvado’s excellent leadership team but also in the widespread need for their solution.”

“With 90% of ad budgets being a waste and an average Enterprise marketing department employing about 92 vendors, it is difficult for revenue leaders to make informed decisions due to data fragmentation,” said Improvado CEO Daniel Kravtsov. “While the modern data stack came to the rescue, building it in-house requires several different vendors and strong Analytics, DevOps, and Engineering engagement. To handle that, we built Improvado, a single modern revenue data platform that requires zero code and allows revenue teams to focus on deeper insights and pure performance.”

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About Improvado
Improvado is the modern marketing & sales data aggregation platform that enables revenue leaders to drastically cut time-to-insight and know the return on every invested dollar.

Connecting and simplifying data from hundreds of sources, Improvado emphasizes no-code, deeper insights, and stress-free automated reporting across your marketing & sales operations. We value flexibility and provide Enterprise with custom data pipelines and visualizations of any complexity through managed analytics services.

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