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SAN JOSE, Calif., Feb. 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Silicon Valley HR tech start-up Innovation Minds has announced its third partnership with a major American NGO, making it arguably the world’s fastest up-and-coming specialist on innovation management and employee experience with not-for-profits.

The new partnership with InnovateTLH, based in Tallahassee, Florida, deepens Innovation Minds’ focus on bringing the latest in HR and innovation technology and techniques to an arena not usually noted for its cutting-edge approaches. By adding InnovateTLH to its stable of non-profit clients and partners, Innovation Minds continues to forge a powerful niche in the NGO space.

“The Innovation Minds platform is going to be key in addressing some of our most perplexing challenges,” says Dr. Scott Balog, founder of InnovateTLH. He adds that the original suggestion for managing ideas across their growing network of educational institutions was to just use an Excel spreadsheet.

“The Innovation Minds platform is a far better solution, obviously,” Dr. Balog adds. “Because it’s convenient, accessible, easy to navigate and customizable, it uniquely supports our entire community. It brings attention to creative solutions and advances the development of area businesses and jobs.”

Innovation Minds’ founder Bala Balasubramaniam is proud of the socially-conscious direction his company is taking. “the technology business, it’s easy to lose track of what really matters. And what really matters is impact. And the impact of NGOs is potentially massive, when we empower them properly. Which is exactly what we are doing.”

The partnership with InnovateTLH follows on from a project launched last month with the Suriname-America Alumni Association in alliance with the US Embassy. The SAAA project is more of a direct educational initiative, helping young local innovators in Suriname learn the best innovation practices and approaches from Silicon Valley.

Ashna Mahepal, director of the SAAA program, points out: “We are introducing our members to the innovator’s mindset, emphasizing cooperation, and providing a web-based toolset and top-quality resources. And now they can work towards solutions that make a difference. We are laying a foundation on which innovators in Suriname can build a powerful future for our country and for their communities.”

In the SAAA program, innovators are addressing local issues relevant to their own and their fellow Suriname citizens’ lives, such as making their sidewalks safer for pedestrians and improving access to clean energy.

“The globalizing world brings many opportunities for growth,” Mahepal adds. “But to be able to maximize the benefits, we need to first strengthen cooperation at home. Technological developments enable rapid innovation when we first ensure innovative mindsets and platforms.”

The third NGO project Innovation Minds is working with is actually entering its second year. Innovosource is a Minneapolis-based organization connecting research institutions with corporate innovation teams and StartUp investors.

Innovosource used the Innovation Minds platform in a pilot program last year linking a medical device company with a group of research institutions. The project looked at connecting the technical needs of corporations with the latest research. Innovosource founder Jacob Johnson lauds the pilot process as creating a one-stop shop that developed into a vibrant community.

“We were able to leverage the Innovation Minds platform to create much greater efficiencies,” Johnson says. “It allowed us to move proposed ideas smoothly into actual research agreements and proof of concept projects.”

Johnson is excited about the recent growth of the Innovation Minds’ platform from the idea management space to a broader application across a variety of forms of collaboration and co-creation. Having worked with the company previously, he is acutely aware of the software’s 2022 improvements.

“I am looking forward this year to more of Innovation Minds’ best practice research and educational programming,” Johnson adds. “This will allow us to expand our program and make it even more effective. We’ll be able to bring the pilot program to more organizations, across more disciplines, to meet more challenges with more answers.”

Innovation Minds’ SVP of Product, Rosemary Rein, highlights that Innovation Minds continues to look for more NGOs to work with. She has a long background in the NGO world herself, having been Head of Learning and Development at both Wikipedia and the United Way.

Rein says: “Innovation Minds encourages NGO’s seeking to increase the speed and sustainability of Innovation in their organizations and communities to reach out to us for information on both NGO pilot and grant opportunities in 2022. We will help you to help the world to be a better place.”

Media contact: Rosemary Rein,, +1 239 666 8054

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