ICMR-NIN and IFBA Join Hands towards Building Healthier India

ICMR – National Institute of Nutrition (ICMR-NIN) and Ind Food & Beverage Association (IFBA) come together to create awareness among the Indian consumers by educating them about the need of diversified diet that is healthy, hygienic, safe food. The paramount focus for both organisations is to advocate consumer health and food safety.


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ICMR-NIN and IFBA Join Hands towards Building Healthier India


Today, consumers have access to a plethora of information from various social media platforms with scant regard for authenticity, relevance and use. Studies show that over 71% consumers are likely to make a purchase based on social media referrals than the science behind the product. The pandemic has deeply impacted food consumption habits and made the consumer wanting to learn more about the food. ICMR-NIN and IFBA will jointly conduct webinars, regional workshops etc. to help consumers understand the science behind food consumption for better health.


Together both the esteemed organizations, will make efforts to enhance awareness on importance of nutrition, food processing and food safety to help consumers make informed food choices. Essential aspects like relevance of a balanced diet; consumer perception about food safety; and the impact of the consumption patterns on health; reading and understanding food labels are a few of the key issues that will be highlighted. IFBA will continue to engage with its members to develop healthy and nutritious food products using current Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) and dietary guidelines for various population groups.


ICMR-NIN is a national premier research institute which has achieved close integration in its research activities between the laboratory, the clinic and the community. Dr. Hemalatha R, Director ICMR-NIN said, “This collaboration will be a right step towards enhancing interactions of the industry with the scientific community to understand the current developments in nutrition science and the priorities of the nation. ICMR-NIN is joining hands with IFBA to disseminate scientific and factual information

pan-India to create awareness about the need of diversified diet consisting of good quality, hygienic, safe food.”


Mr. Deepak Jolly, Chairperson, IFBA, said, “We are thrilled about partnering with NIN, which has done pathbreaking research in nutrition & dietetics to protect & safeguard public health. India is a huge and a varied country with a variety of nutritional needs that are region specific. One size does not fit all, therefore making it imperative that people should make informed choices through awareness and education based on Indian studies & research that are relevant for Indian people.”


Both the organisations will jointly work towards achieving the following objectives:


  • To share knowledge about the scientific studies conducted by NIN and other international credible and scientific institutions on food and nutrition

  • To create an enabling environment through communication and education for consumers to make informed healthy choices of sustainable and nutritious foods and beverages

  • To share knowledge on advanced food processing techniques to maintain food safety and nutrient value of the food


IFBA is a food industry association formed earlier this year with a vision of “food for a better tomorrow”. IFBA is a strong conduit for the food industry that actively engages with regulators, institutions and consumers to ensure food for a better tomorrow.


For more information, please visit: www.indfba.com.

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