Icetea Labs Launched A New Web3 Term Named Initial Fan Offering (IFO) For Global Community


SINGAPORE, Oct. 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Icetea Labs – the leading Web 3 incubator recently launched a new web3 term called Initial Fan Offering (IFO), which will offer the first stake pool set to debut on October 25th, 2022, with the promise of an attractive discount for holders and early birds.

The origin of IFO

IFO stands for Initial Fan Offering: Become a fan, help projects thrive, and earn tokens. You help the project by undertaking simple tasks. IFO is developed to recruit project supporters who will help it expand. Initial token distributions are well-deserved. To defend this conviction, the team creates a new program for the first time: “Initial Fan Offering – where project tokens are awarded to real fans.”

When joining IFO, participants will gain the following benefits:

  • Cherish mission: Become the fan, bring projects to shine, and earn valuable rewards.
  • No payment needed: You don’t need to invest or spend any money on IFO.
  • Easy to join: You can easily participate in IFO by staking your tokens and supporting the project.
  • Enormous profit: The rewards are worthwhile tokens from potential blockchain projects that will yield huge returns.

GAFI and ILAP have joined the IFO program with Icetea Labs. Staking GAFI tokens is the first-ever staking pool for IFO. With ILAP, the rewards from the IFO program will be one of the top 6 ILAP potential projects.

What is the IFO mechanism?

To have the chance to earn valuable rewards, all you need to do is stake your tokens in the IFO pool and complete the community tasks without any payments. There are 3 types of stake pools and each pool has a different mechanism and function.

  • Holders: This pool is reserved for holders who are staking tokens. This is the pool with the largest size.
  • Community: This pool is for EVERYONE. Regardless of whether you are staking or not, all can join this pool. However, this is the pool with the smallest size.
  • Influencers: This pool is exclusively for IFO project partners. They also do simple tasks like a regular user, but the point calculating mechanism could be different.
The winner comes to the Early Bird
  • The earlier, the better: The sooner the token is staked, the more profitable it is.
  • The more you stake, the more you receive the number of tokens you stake will determine how many rewards you receive.
What makes IFO different from other IFO terms of Pancakeswap?
An effective fundraising model

The Initial Farm Offering (IFO) is a fundraising technique that assists new DeFi businesses in generating funds by participating in pre-sales events sponsored by decentralized exchanges. The Initial Fan Offering, on the other hand, is not a way to raise money. Instead, it helps projects get real fans, real users, and real followers who are loyal to projects by learning about them, taking part in project activities, and trusting them over time.

Enhance the value of “the real fans”

With a strong belief: “Initial Fan Offering – where project tokens are awarded to the real fans.”, Icetea Labs understood the significance of “the true fans” who accompany and support the initiative. Icetea Labs IFO’s approach is set to educate people from strangers to fans of the project through highly particular social activities in order to develop trust in the projects.

The 0% risk

Project tokens are simple to hold, especially in this gloomy market. Icetea Labs and the projects must show that the IFO token has high value and usefulness to stay long-term and grow in all market situations. Icetea Labs IFO end users, traders, and followers are safe. To profit, you must bet and/or do specific things. With Icetea Labs’ knowledge and network of venture capitalists, projects, and experts, they think they can come up with new IFO situations that are good for everyone without putting anyone at risk.

The selected projects

Icetea Labs IFO projects are hand-picked by the professionals to assist fans. “One of our effort to make sure we have good projects in hand is Icetea Labs Accelerator Program. This is our accelerator for potential projects and it’s very selective. The previous batch, we had roughly more than 200 projects registered and with the support of our judges and advisors from well-known projects and VCs, more info you can find out at, and we have chosen only 6 projects. And those projects will join our first ever IFO, coming in just weeks and months.” – Icetea Labs’ Head of Marketing, Ron Nguyen, emphasized this.

The promising future of IFO

As the first mover in this unique “IFO” concept, Icetea Labs must select possible projects that can deliver value tokens to fans and can survive, so the term IFO that the team generates makes sense and is a program that long-term projects want to join.

Icetea Labs views IFO as a new notion of fan offering and aims to attract users over 18 with any income and background, and also focuses on individuals who wish to make money while helping projects and socializing with others.

IFO will be promoted through a variety of media, using Icetea Labs over 5 million users, and more features will be added after successful growth.

About Icetea Labs

Icetea Labs is a leading Web3 laboratory specializing in incubating gaming, metaverse and NFT projects, among them are the game hub and Red Kite launchpad. Backed by an extensive network of strategic technology partners, the company supports startups with mentorship, funding, product development, and marketing, enabling gaming and metaverse projects to achieve their full potential.




About GAFI

GAFI is a token that is owned by which is a one-stop destination for Web3 gaming. provides a suite of solutions that cover the entire lifecycle of games and gamified projects, with the vision of ONE digital platform, ONE virtual identity, and ZERO blockchain knowledge.



About ILAP

ILAP is the Icetea Labs Accelerator Program, which supports speed for Web3 Startup in Gaming, Metaverse, NFT, and Financialization through a thorough review process and hands-on 1-1 mentoring by reputable mentors, VCs and partners.

Significantly, the 6 best projects from ILAP had to pass rigorous selection rounds from 259 initially registered projects.



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