Huge surge in the demand of Verlux Token as over 20% of its


Walsall, West Midlands, UK, March 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Verlux is developing its NFT Marketplace, which is in full pace to be launched before the end of Q1 2022, an interactive video of the NFT marketplace can be seen on the Velux’s YouTube channel.

The Verlux NFT Marketplace will be powered by it’s utility token VLX. Its utility will range from Transaction fees, Featured Listings, rare and limited edition NFT drops Purchases, Staking, Governance etc. to mention but a few.

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Following the success of the VLX token pre-sale, Verlux NFT kicks off it’s Public Sale which has seen over 20% of the 150 million tokens allotted for the sale round scooped up by investors which is not a surprise as this is the last sale before Exchange listing..

$VLX Token

Minted on the Cardano Blockchain, $VLX is the utility token that will power the Verlux Ecosystem. $VLX has a total supply of 1 billion tokens and will be utilized by token holders in various ways such as: Stake To Earn VLX and Also Stake To Earn Featured NFT Drops, Transaction fees on the Marketplace, Featured Listings, Creator Profile verification and ultimately will serve as a governance system for Verlux Ecosystem on further developments. 

Join VLX Public Sale Here: 

Minimum Buy: 200 ADA

Maximum Buy: 10,000 ADA

Road Ahead for Verlux

The novel and standout feature of Verlux will be its Cross-Chain NFT Swap protocol, giving users the ability to swap their NFTs minted on one blockchain to a different blockchain while retaining its authenticity and data.

The Verlux NFT Marketplace will be a decentralized platform for NFT creators and enthusiasts. Powered by the Cardano Blockchain, the Marketplace will boast of its high scalability, sustainability, and interoperability to offer faster transactions and high confirmation time.

Whitelisting for the Verlux non-custodial staking platform is ongoing, whitelisted candidates will be the first to get a feel of our staking platform and start earning their rewards in VLX tokens which promises up to 47% APY.

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