House of Sause Debuts in Milan, Italy


House of Sause, a young and premium streetwear brand from Tamil Nadu, had its global launch in Italy on August 31. Akhilesh Ashok, a 23-year-old youngster from Salem in Tamil Nadu, the brain behind the clothing line, held a street fashion show in Lombardy, Milan, Italy to launch his streetwear brand.


Akhilesh Ashok, founder, House of Sause, debuts the street wear in Milan, Italy


To herald its global launch, the brand showcased its designs and collection at a fashion show, choreographed by Pavithra Ramasubramanian, a fashion photographer based out of Los Angeles. The show drew the attention of fashionistas as leading models including Aashna Bisht, Melissa, Saphy Khanfar, Artur Montanari and others walked on the streets of Milan wearing House of Sause’s genderless, season-less, and Classique fits. 

The brand’s launch event happened at the Duomo Cathedral, located at the heart of Milan. The launch continued subsequently, in the Galleria, which is Italy’s oldest active shopping gallery and home to various luxury fashion brands.

Addressing the launch, Akhilesh Ashok stated, “We are planning to establish House of Sause as a global brand with firm roots in India. Unlike the mainstream streetwear outfits, House of Sause’s clothing line allows you to lounge in their confident yet comfortable designs. The youthful energy that the brand emanates is emblematic of the current times; it is accommodative of all kinds of lifestyles. Our brand is loud, proud, and stands out of the crowd; and likes playing around with deconstruction and experimentation because we believe that unconventional is truly the new difference.” 

Asha Sreedhar, Avinash Athappan, Hari Nivas, Ram Ramasaamy, Design Director Shreya Dilip, Creative Directors Santhosh Kumar and G Kameshwaran are the key founding members spearheading the brand.

The first drop is titled ‘Generation 1: Prints of Epiphany’. The product line-up includes- oversized/drop shoulder tees, deconstructed hoodies, oversized hoodies, and exclusive collaboration merchandise. House of Sause sells on their website where customers can scroll through and choose from the different designs. 

The brand’s social media account garnered over 100k views within the first few hours of the launch without any reveal of the products.


About House of Sause

Founded in 2022, House of Sause will be one of the first streetwear brands from South India. The origin of the brand is from Salem, Tamil Nadu. The brand consists of various products like hoodies, oversized tee shirts, tote bags, caps, women’s crop tops, and cricket bats. 

And no, we’re not a ketchup brand.”


House of Sause is a luxury streetwear label founded by Akhilesh Ashok, a young streetwear enthusiast from Tamil Nadu. The brand started its journey to justify how to coexist between style and sustainability. It is a perfect blend of traditionalism, varsity, lots of street style, and a bit of their secret Sause to provide for a diverse range of designer outfits to match their customers’ funk and finesse.

Akhilesh is an alumnus of Loyola College, Chennai; a passionate entrepreneur, a driven go-getter and a fashion aficionado. His keen interest in high-street fashion propelled him to start his own brand which co-exists between style and sustainability. The brand has a stacked line-up of ethically and responsibly made homegrown garments in contrast to the mass-produced cookie-cutter ones.


He also believes that this brand’s youthful exuberance is visible in its style, philosophy and tone. His vision is to make a mark in the global scheme of luxury fashion because it’s time we take India, to the world! Bon Appetit.


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