Hoping Club announces its official entry into Singapore’s

London, UK, May 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — HopingClub, a global asset management and investment institution, recently announced that it will provide a discretionary portfolio management service for Singapore investment clients, build and manage asset portfolios for HopingClub’s high net worth clients, and focus on risk adjusted returns.

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Portfolio investment is an important way of asset allocation. It makes full use of the income, risk characteristics and mutual correlation characteristics of various assets to build an investment portfolio consistent with its own investment objectives. HopingClubwill launch portfolio management services. The portfolio includes one or more financial instruments, which has many advantages and characteristics: 1. Customize exclusive asset investment solutions for customers; 2. Detailed and diversified portfolio management; 3. Low rates; 4. Focus on risk adjusted returns. HopingClub has obtained regulatory authorization and qualification to carry out such services.

Clear Objectives of Strategic Development 

Koby.Sadan, founder and co-chairman of HopingClub, is also the CEO of Viking LongFundMasterLtd. With nearly 10 billiondollars in assets, Viking LongFundMasterLtd. is a successful hedge fund operator in the United States. In order to try out investment fields other than fund stocks. In 2012, Koby.Sadan invited Roberto Giuffrida, an expert in quantitative investment strategy, to establish HopingClub.

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The Globalization Strategy of Hoping Club

The real globalization of HopingClub began in Singapore. From the beginning of its establishment, the members of HopingClub have always had a consensus: to develop Goldman Sachs into an international company.

In 2014, with the recovery of the U.S. real estate industry, it attracted the attention of global investors. HopingClubwill take this opportunity to establish a real estate investment department, part of which is to provide customers with financing, loans and other investment services as a shadow bank. It has attracted many members from various countries, which has laid the foundation of the globalization strategy of HopingClub.

From 2014 to 2016, Singapore’s economy contracted and its economic growth continued to slow down. At this time, HopingClub is expanding its business in the Asia Pacific region. Some members also have the experience of large companies such as Temasek and DBS Bank. Under a series of operations, HopingClub has established its Singapore branch and communicated closely with the Singapore government. In 2017, the future economic commission of Singapore issued seven strategies to promote economic development. With the help of policies, HopingClub has made huge profits. Therefore, HopingClub has consolidated its basic business in the Asia Pacific region and gained a reputation.

The comprehensive and global nature of the business enables HopingClub to develop other businesses rapidly even when some businesses decline, so as to ensure the rapid growth of the company as a whole and successfully withstand successive economic recessions.

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