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Socious Founder: Seira Yun

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Hire talent Social Impact with integrated AI on Socious App. Meet organisational goals by AI matching hires, improving retention, happiness, & performance.

When we Hire for Good we all rise together.”

— Seira Yun

TOKYO, JAPAN, May 21, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ —  Born out of the need to accelerate social change, Socious connects organisations with the right talent. The integrated AI reduces the risk of mismatches and ensures ESG & CSR roles, Social Impact Jobs and Projects for Global Good leave a lasting positive impact.

 Socious was created by Seira Yun who saw the gap in the social impact market with only 10% of the workforce employed in the social or nonprofit sectors.

Trained in international law in Geneva and with a master’s from Cambridge in social innovation, Seira under the UNHCR has worked in Lebanon to help Syrian refugees and under the ICRC in Algeria, Iraq and Bangladesh. One of the key issues that came up across all his humanitarian roles was the ability to find the right resources to solve urgent challenges. Currently available human resource systems do not focus on bringing together resources and passion in the social impact sector. 

This is where Socious comes in. Accepted into the “Microsoft for Startups” program, Socious is an inclusive community of people who are passionate about solving the same social problem together. The AI connects the organisations or projects with talent working towards the same goal. Unlike other hiring platforms where organisations can search for people by skills and experience, Socious helps you discover talent based on similar causes, whether it’s poverty, sustainability or gender equality.

Pressing forward with its mission to create Social Media for Social Change, the Socious App (available for Google Play & App Store) has formed a community of individuals driven to create social impact for change. Most organisations have made SDGs an integral part of their operations, subsequently making it essential to have the right talent to lead these initiatives.

The integrated AI supports these impact initiatives by connecting organisations with the right talent.

 The AI ensures you meet like-minded people for projects, part-time work or full-time impact roles to solve social and environmental problems faster together. Recommendations from the AI offer suitable candidates who share the organisational mission, reduce the risk of mismatches, and improve retention rate, employee happiness, and performance.

Launching the Tech4Good Changemaker Scholarship in partnership with Le Wagon, Socious is also be rolling out initiatives that reward social impact contributions through SociousCoin, a socially conscious marketplace, easier collaboration opportunities by allowing for impact organisations to find investors and through its inclusive App connecting with like-minded individuals.

Acceleratee positive social and environmental impact with Socious. Learn more or download the App on www.socious.io

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