HELLMOON Legend Launches Exclusively New Moba NFT Games and

Madrid, Spain, Dec. 31, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —
3 17HellMoon Legends is one of the first MOBA NFT games built on the Binance Smart Chain. Investors can bet in every battle, get game NFT characters to play, trade in the marketplace, and complete the tasks to receive their rewards.

Each character NFT is unique. Sixteen unique characters with different skins, characteristics, and skills are available. Users can get NFT characters randomly by opening HellMoon chests. Players will use their NFT’s characters in an exciting gaming metaverse. Users will be able to explore the rivers and forests of HellMoon Legends, hide in the bushes to surprise their enemies, and win the battle to be rewarded. The crypto-platform is available for crypto games, MOBA crypto, and play to earn for those who are not only crypto enthusiasts but also interested in games.

The Hellmoon project was already launched seven months ago with more than 6000 investors, listed on Coinmarketcap, Coingecko, and Crypto.com. They have the whole project almost developed on their website. Their exclusive token is available on BEP20 Smart Chain.

Hellmoon was born to build a long-term project where our investors feel secure. Their approach from the beginning has been to create a world of experiences around the Hellmoon token that would range from the Defi world, play-to-earn video games, online stores, and tokenized entertainment events. They are keen to create a sustainable venture in the long term with excellent growth potential.

Hellmoon is the governance token; among its various functions, holders will use the pools or farms of their Defi platform. Access the game by getting their first NFT character and receiving 3% for each sale and purchase of Hellmoon if they have the tokens in their wallet.

Moreover, Devilmoon is the token that all players will need to participate in battles, buy and sell NFTs and receive rewards for completing tasks. They can also get more Devilmoon through Hellmoon’s Defi platform using their farms or pools.

When users bet 5$ Dmoon on each battle to get 2,5$ Dmoon for winning, they can also get 15$ Dmoon daily by winning five battles. Each purchase and sale of NFT characters burn 25% of Dmoon / HMOON transaction automatically distributes 6%, 3% is added to the LP, and another 3% is distributed to all Holders. Additionally, on HMOON CHEST, 50% marketing, 50% LP BUY AND SELL NFTs will be available. While with Dmoon, 50% LP, 25% burning, 25% marketing is available for the investors.

The Token Information of HellMoon goes with the symbol as “HMOON” WITH a TOTAL SUPPLY OF 666.000.000.000. The type is BEP20, and the distribution is 85% to the community. 10% DEVs and 6% burned, and slippage is 7 %. The chart can be viewed on this link.

Determined crypto enthusiasts must visit the website for more information and join Telegram to connect.

Contact Info:
Name: Pietro
Email: Send Email
Contact: 697851309
Organization: hellmoonlegends
Website: https://hellmoonlegends.org/


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