Haven Senior Investments and HavenCo Capital Lead $1 Trillion Investment Initiative to Resolve Senior Housing Shortfall


Industry forecasts indicate a need for an additional 775,000 new units by the year 2030, assuming current penetration rates and development activities persist.

DALLAS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, November 4, 2023 / — To address the pronounced demand for senior housing and the looming investment gap of nearly $1 trillion by 2050, HavenCo has unveiled a robust strategy aimed at catalyzing the sector towards meeting both the current and projected demands. The meticulously crafted strategy marries financial acumen with inventive development avenues, highlighting HavenCo’s commitment to playing a pivotal role in bridging the projected investment and unit shortfall plaguing the senior housing sector.

Investment mobilization forms the cornerstone of this strategy. HavenCo’s subsidiaries, Haven Senior Investments and HavenCo Capital are set to launch broad-based campaigns to attract capital from a diverse investor spectrum including family offices, institutional investors, and private equity firms, underscoring the long-term growth and societal impact potential of senior housing investments. In addition, forging Public-Private Partnerships with governmental bodies at various levels will be pivotal for securing essential funding, land grants, or tax incentives crucial for the fruition of senior housing projects. Complementing these efforts is a comprehensive Investor Education initiative comprising seminars, webinars, and personalized meetings aimed at elucidating the demographic trends driving the demand for senior housing and the financial merits ingrained in sector investment.

“To navigate the investment chasm in the senior housing landscape, a multi-pronged approach that blends financial savvy with innovative development is indispensable. Our strategy is tailored to not only address the current demand but also lay a solid foundation for the future. Through concerted efforts in investment mobilization, technology integration, and community engagement among others, we are steadfast in our resolve to make a significant stride towards bridging the investment and unit shortfall in this sector,” said John Hauber, CEO of HavenCo.

Embracing Innovative Development Models is another pillar of HavenCo’s strategy. Modular Construction techniques will be harnessed to expedite development timelines, control costs, and ensure quality. Mixed-Use Developments will see the crafting of facilities that meld senior housing with retail, healthcare, and recreational offerings, cultivating self-contained communities and enhancing appeal for both residents and investors. Furthermore, Adaptive Reuse will involve identifying underutilized properties ripe for transformation into senior housing facilities, saving on construction costs and time.

Technology Integration will see the infusion of Smart Technologies to enhance seniors’ quality of life, improve operational efficiencies, and oversee health and safety. Virtual tours and digital leasing avenues will be extended to abbreviate the leasing cycle and maintain robust occupancy levels.

Operational Excellence will be pursued through refining operations via efficient staffing paradigms, centralized procurement, and leveraging technology for routine tasks to reduce operational costs and improve margins. Performance metrics will be relentlessly monitored and analyzed to unearth improvement avenues and ensure the financial viability of each venture.

Market Research and Localization will entail conducting exhaustive market research to grasp local needs and customizing housing solutions to cater to the unique demands of each community. Community Engagement will involve intimate engagement with local communities to accrue support for new developments and ensure projects are warmly received.

Sustainability and Resilience will be championed through embracing Green Building Practices to mitigate environmental footprint, trim operational costs, and allure eco-aware investors. Lastly, Legislative Advocacy will involve engaging in robust advocacy to champion favorable policies that will catalyze investments and development in the senior housing realm.

Through a harmonious blend of these seven key pillars, HavenCo stands at the forefront of a concerted effort to significantly contribute towards addressing the senior housing sector’s challenges. This strategy underscores HavenCo’s unyielding commitment to fostering a sustainable and vibrant senior housing landscape, underpinned by financial viability, innovative development, and a deep-seated focus on enhancing the quality of life for seniors.

HavenCo’s subsidiaries include Haven Senior Investments, a leading faith-based senior housing advisory and brokerage firm, alongside HavenCo Capital, a faith-driven capital advisory firm specializing in values-based investing and arranging debt and equity capital. These companies provide and support their clients with the service and expertise needed to achieve their goals. These goals encompass buying, selling, developing, investing, financing, and operating within the senior housing market. Both firms are headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

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