Hariharan opens up on the approach to music of ‘No Means No’


Mumbai, Jan 12 (IANS) National Award-winning singer Hariharan along with his son Akshay Hariharan, has scored the music of the upcoming film ‘No Means No’. Their approach for the music was to blend Indian classical and electronic music.

Talking about the film, Hariharan said, “It is an international Indo-Polish film and is directed by Vikash Verma. The lead role is played by Dhruv Verma. I saw the trailer of this film. It is really amazing. I, and my son Akshay Hariharan, have done the music for the movie.”

He further stated, “It is a fusion kind of music. There is a lot of electronic music made by Akshay. He creates a unique blend between Indian classical music and electronic music, managing to find perfect combinations with instruments such as sarangi, table, flute and guitar with new age electronic music.”

“He has an arsenal of tracks and it was quite a struggle to fuse the two genres. It was really interesting and we loved working in this film”, he concluded.



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