Guiyang explores "tourism+" model to promote the deep integration of culture, health, agriculture and ecology

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The beautiful scenery of waterfall in SW China’s Guizhou.

Ma Xiaohui, a tourist in Guiyang, shared her experience after taking the ChengduGuiyang high-speed train to the city. She was impressed by the convenience of Guiyang’s ‘high-speed train/plane + car rental’ connectivity, which enabled her to explore multiple attractions in just three days. “I didn’t expect to see so much and have so much fun in such a short time,” she remarked.

Guiyang is known for its abundant mountain resources, pleasant climate, and diverse ethnic cultures. It boasts spectacular natural landscapes, including mountains, rivers, forest parks, and hot springs, making it a favored destination for travelers. Additionally, Guiyang’s status as a provincial capital with a diverse range of ethnic groups, particularly the Miao and Buyi ethnic cultures, adds to its unique appeal. In recent years, Guiyang has been continuously exploring the “tourism+” model to deliver immersive travel experiences that fuse culture, health, agriculture, and ecology for visitors.

In terms of culture + tourism, Guiyang incorporates traditional ethnic culture into the tourism experience. Visitors can go to Miao and Buyi ethnic minority villages and immerse themselves in the lifestyle, clothing, dance. Guiyang also organizes a series of ethnic cultural activities, such as Miao silver jewelry craftsmanship exhibition, Buyi April 8th Song Festival.

In terms of health + tourism, Guiyang leverages its natural advantages and actively develops healthcare tourism. Visitors can enjoy activities such as hot spring therapy, forest bathing, outdoor yoga, and other healthy leisure activities here. Meanwhile, the city also offers medical tourism services, such as traditional Chinese medicine hot springs and ethnic medicine therapy.

As for agriculture + tourism, Guiyang combines rural cuisine with tourism, allowing visitors to savor local specialties such as sour soup fish and Miao-style sticky rice with chicken. Tourists can also participate in agricultural experiences like fruit picking, vegetable planting, and animal feeding, enabling a closer connection with nature.

When it comes to ecology + tourism, Guiyang attaches importance to ecological environment protection and integrates the concept of green development into the tourism industry. There are national-level nature reserves, forest parks, and other ecological resources here, providing tranquil and scenic leisure spots for visitors. Eco-friendly tourism programs like ecological hiking and nature observation are available, allowing tourists to appreciate the beauty of nature while enhancing environmental awareness.

To enhance the visitor experience further, Guiyang has adopted a ‘pleasant travel’ approach, ensuring that tourists enjoy a relaxed and enjoyable journey throughout their stay. This approach encompasses a range of tailored measures.

Guiyang has launched a series of tourism products and activities catering to different age groups and consumer levels. For example, there are parent-child packages, allowing parents and children to experience the charm of nature and culture together. Younger travelers can partake in large-scale events such as music festivals and food festivals, providing them with ample opportunities for engagement and interaction.

Even bridges in Guizhou have received innovative makeovers. Based on the landscape established by the world’s tallest concrete bridge tower, the Sky Bridge Service Area offers facilities such as hotels, a bridge science museum, and RV campsites, attracting over 2 million visitors so far. By the end of 2022, nearly half of the world’s top 100 high bridges were located in Guizhou. Leveraging this resource, Guizhou is expanding the regional economic value of bridges and generating new growth for Guizhou tourism.

The Pingtang Grand Bridge has significantly reduced travel time between Yazhou Town and Tongzhou Town in Pingtang County, from 1 hour to 3 minutes. According to Luo Chihao, the director of the Sky Bridge Service Area, improved transportation has spurred logistics development, reducing losses in the fruit transportation from 10-13% to about 1-3%. Now, under the Pingtang Grand Bridge, a 10,000-mu fruit farming base has been established, which, blessed by natural advantages such as the canyon climate and sufficient sunlight, cultivates 38 varieties of high-quality fruits such as loquat, bayberry, mulberry, and April peach. This year, the Sky Bridge Service Area added new cooperative business, bringing Pingli River 1.04 million yuan from fruit and vegetable sales.

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