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Gugni Gill is All Set to Comeback with ‘Jatti 15 Murrabeiaan Wali’, an Upcoming Punjabi Blockbuster

The much awaited and big-ticket upcoming Punjabi film, ‘Jatti 15 Murrabeiaan Wali’ is all set to resume shooting. The shooting was postponed due to the COVID pandemic. Popular actress Gugni Gill Panaich and Aarya Babbar are the lead cast of the movie which is being made under the banner of Panaich Productions. The movie promises to be an upcoming blockbuster and one of the most anticipated Punjabi movies in recent times. Given the strong accent on the lead woman protagonist in the movie, none other than Gugni could have done justice to this extremely challenging script.

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Gugni Gill in Jatti 15 Murrabeiaan Wali


The lead actress Gugni Gill has been working in the film industry for a very long time and is one of the most successful actresses and producers. At 16, when most kids her age were still contemplating life and career, Gugni Gill Panaich already had a thriving modelling career. It had been an accidental tryst with modelling, when Bollywood legend Dara Singh offered Gugni a role in the Punjabi hit, ‘Rab Diyan Rakha’.


While playing her real-life roles as a mother, an actor, a politician, a social change maker and a fitness aficionado, Gugni recalls her experience and said, “I was just 3 months old when my family moved to Ethiopia. College brought me back to India, to Delhi University, where modelling happened almost immediately, and soon I was the Miss Punjab runner-up. Movies were a natural progression, but after a brief tryst with cinema, the untimely passing away of my father saw me walking away from a budding career to focus on studies. Soon after, wedding bells struck and I found myself moving once more, this time to Canada.”


Gugni Gill re-entered the world of modelling and won the Mrs. United Nation first runner up in Jamaica, it was like she had never really left. For someone barely in her twenties and having already achieved heady success only to walk away from it, Gugni had a difficult choice – settle for a conventional life or go after a career that difficult circumstances had taken away from her, and she chose to fight again.


On her experience of shuttling between India and Canada Gugni Gill said that it was a multi-faceted lifestyle, and doing justice to multiple roles as a mother, an actor and an activist was not easy. I was able to juggle the demands of motherhood and raising my two boys with care and love while handling work assignments with aplomb. “From adding voice to the ‘Save Sidhwan’ canal movement in Punjab, to doing meaty roles in Punjabi movies, and simultaneously managing my political career in Canada, I have always given my best to perform these roles, both in reel and real life,” Gugni added.


As a social worker, giving back to society has always been a burning ambition for Gugni Gill. As the North American brand ambassador of the Imran Khan Cancer Foundation, as well as the Canadian ambassador for ‘Roko Cancer’, the actress has been an active voice trying to raise awareness about the dreaded disease. Her intense involvement on social issues, led to the Canadian New Democratic Party offering her the Brampton West Ontario seat to contest elections. Her positive campaign of change and hope was responsible in a large part for the record voter turnout.


Gugni’s comeback with the Punjabi hit ‘Dullay Vailey’ kickstarted phase two of her acting journey. With her own production house Panaich productions, the next few years look very promising for her career in cinema. Her strong devotion to fitness has kept her looking young and energetic. This second phase of her career is all about meaty roles and building a legacy of path breaking cinema.

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