Guaranty Chevrolet and REPOWER Orange’s Solar Success Story


Guaranty Chevrolet Drives Towards a Sustainable Future with Solar Power, Partnering with REPOWER Orange

ORANGE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, September 19, 2023/ — The automotive industry is undergoing a remarkable transformation, with an increasing shift towards electric vehicles (EVs) and a growing commitment to sustainability. Guaranty Chevrolet, a premier dealership in Santa Ana, California, has taken a significant step towards a sustainable future by embracing solar energy. In partnership with REPOWER Orange, a leading solar solutions provider, Guaranty Chevrolet has harnessed the power of the sun to reduce its environmental footprint and achieve substantial cost savings.

As electric vehicles gain popularity and environmental concerns take center stage, Guaranty Chevrolet made a conscious decision to invest in solar panels for both environmental and economic reasons. By installing commercial solar panels, they not only contribute to a greener tomorrow but also significantly reduce their utility bills.

Eddie McLaughlin, owner of REPOWER Orange, emphasizes the importance of this shift in the automotive industry: “The car industry’s rapid move towards electric vehicles aligns perfectly with the transition to clean and sustainable energy sources like solar power. Guaranty Chevrolet’s decision to adopt commercial solar panels is a testament to their commitment to sustainability and forward-thinking business practices.”

Several key factors drove Guaranty Chevrolet’s investment in solar energy:

Environmental Responsibility: As part of their commitment to environmental stewardship, Guaranty Chevrolet sought to reduce their carbon footprint. By generating clean energy from the sun, they are taking a significant step towards sustainability.

Cost Savings: The decision to go solar was also financially motivated. Tax credits, incentives, and a payback period of under four years made solar a sound financial investment for Guaranty Chevrolet. This approach aligns with REPOWER Orange’s dedication to delivering sustainable solutions that make economic sense.

Customer Appeal: Today’s consumers are increasingly conscious of a business’s environmental practices. Guaranty Chevrolet’s commitment to sustainability, exemplified by its solar installation, resonates with environmentally conscious customers.

Community Impact: Commercial solar installations in Orange County, like the one at Guaranty Chevrolet, have broader benefits for the community. They not only reduce strain on the grid but also promote local sustainability and resilience.

Guaranty Chevrolet’s journey towards solar sustainability serves as a model for other dealerships in the automotive industry. Rising electric utility rates, combined with the increasing demand for eco-friendly practices, make solar installations a strategic and forward-thinking move for businesses in the sector.

McLaughlin adds, “Car dealerships looking to offset rising electric utility rates and promote sustainability should consider installing solar with REPOWER Orange. Our expertise in solar solutions and our commitment to delivering economic and environmental benefits make us the ideal partner for businesses seeking a sustainable future.”

In a recent video released by REPOWER Orange, Guaranty Chevrolet shared their experience and the impact of their commercial solar panel installation. Bruce Hamlin of Guaranty Chevrolet stated, “A lot of dealerships, a lot of businesses call us about our solar…it’s a win-win no matter where you go in terms of installing solar. It’s a win for me, economically, it’s a win for the environment, and it’s a win for the community.”

Guaranty Chevrolet’s success story with commercial solar panels in Orange County not only demonstrates its dedication to sustainability but also showcases the potential for businesses to thrive while making a positive impact on the environment.

As the automotive industry continues to evolve, Guaranty Chevrolet’s transition to solar power is a shining example of how sustainability and economic growth can go hand in hand. By partnering with REPOWER Orange, they have taken a significant step towards a brighter, cleaner, and more sustainable future.

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