Gratton Warehouse is Set for Growth in the Upcoming Year

Gratton Warehouse is Omaha's Leader in Warehousing and Logistics.

Gratton Warehouse is Omaha’s Leader in Warehousing and Logistics.

Gratton Warehouse is an Omaha Leader in Warehousing and Logistics

The best warehouse solution in Omaha.

Gratton Warehouse is the best Nebraska warehouse.

Gratton Warehouse is one of the oldest companies in Nebraska.

How Gratton Warehouse has potential growth in the upcoming year.

OMAHA, NE, US, November 1, 2023 / — Demand for an Omaha warehouse is on the rise. In fact, rentable warehouse space across the U.S. is in high demand. The total warehouse space across the United States went through a record growth spurt, spurring Gratton Warehouse to improve their capacity to meet the needs of their clients. At the moment of this write-up, approximately 40% of warehouse space is third-party logistics (3PL), with the demand growing more every day. This has, in turn, driven the costs of warehouse space up as the demand increases and the amount of space available decreases.

The rent price increase has started to slow up in 2023, despite the hike in 2022, with the Gratton Warehouse right in the center of the nation. This expansion couldn’t come at a better time. Retailers and third-party renters want to have products close to the center of the nation for faster shipping times throughout the U.S., making this Omaha warehouse the ideal location.

Nebraska is the perfect location for those looking to store inventory. The centralized location is vital in getting products to the end customers quickly. With there being a growing demand as e-commerce takes over, it is imperative that the warehouse has not only the space needed for the storage capacity, but also state-of-the-art systems in place to ensure that all customers of Gratton Warehouse are on top of what inventory levels are within their facilities.

State of the Art Inventory Management

This facility will have 3PL Central, which offers warehouse management at a glance. This makes it super simple for customers as well as the warehouse to know what is actually housed within. This inventory system will help Gratton Warehouse keep track of what warehouse space they have and what is utilizing the space in order to better serve their customers. Furthermore, this helps keep track of shipments and so much more. A properly managed warehouse can improve overall productivity while keeping costs low.

Gratton Warehouse foresaw this. They did what they could to improve and streamline their warehousing in order to provide top-notch Nebraska warehouse services. This allows their clients to know firsthand what is a hot seller. They will know what products they need to ship in. They will also know how much of everything is currently in stock at just a glance.

This type of inventory management is critical for businesses to grow as they should. The additional space added by Gratton Warehouse will surely improve their overall operations. With this expansion, more businesses will be able to take advantage of their state-of-the-art warehousing services. They will be able to track inventory better and offer faster shipping rates due to the Omaha location.

The U.S. is Running Out of Warehouse Space

Ninety percent of warehouse space is being utilized across 60% of the warehouses in the U.S. This shows that expansions are needed soon. In other words, if the warehouses are not expanded upon soon, they will run out of space. Not to mention that 28% of most warehouses are running at 80-89% capacity. In addition, Q4 is fast approaching, which will have an influx in demand. With the eCommerce market expanding; it’s imperative that the warehouses start to add additional space, which is exactly what Gratton Warehousing has set out to do.

Despite Demand, Warehouse Expansion is Rare

This is quite an undertaking. While it’s obvious.that there is a demand for more warehouse space, companies are reluctant to add on this space due to a variety of reasons.

There were several supply chain interruptions that occurred during the pandemic, which has had a trickle-down effect on the entire construction industry. But those days are starting to come to an end.

Another issue that warehouses are facing is the fact that there aren’t the workers there once were in the construction industry. Many of the younger generations are not going into skilled trade; creating a shortage.

The U.S. has seen all-time highs in inflation in recent years. This has led to very high interest rates for loans, which are typically necessary for such a large construction project. Many warehouses are in the sit-back-and-wait-to-see posture, wondering if these different things will be changing in the near future. However, Gratton Warehouse sees the need and will be working to meet that need despite these various challenges, ensuring they have the space for their customers’ growth.

When it comes to warehouse space, as shown, the country is short on options, the demand is high, and there isn’t much expansion going on anytime soon. This means that the rent for what space there is will continue to increase, but that’s not stopping the growth of ecommerce, as it takes over how Americans shop.

Improving the Warehouse Space in Omaha

Whether it’s a business owner or someone just curious about what is happening in and around Omaha, the growth of the Gratton Warehouse is pretty big news! Against the odds of having higher interest rates, hard-to-find labor, and everything else that seems to be in the way of construction these days, Gratton Warehouse sees a vision; growth and expansion are what will help propel them into their next journey. With ecommerce expanding and exploding, Q4 just around the corner, and their amazing proximity to most of the U.S., this Omaha warehouse is getting bigger to incorporate the needs of their clients.

When businesses are looking for a 3PL warehouse that is centrally located and high tech, Gratton Warehouse is certainly one to take a look at. This Omaha warehouse offers state-of-the-art inventory management and has been around for many years. People want their packages quickly, and with the advancement in technology, an Omaha warehouse is just the place.

When looking for warehousing, finding a company as solid as Gratton Warehousing certainly can pose a challenge. This Nebraska warehouse location is perfect; and, with this expansion, they will be able to service more customers or help with the expansion of their existing customers.

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