GrabOn Presents Croma CFL S7 Cosponsored by PharmEasy and Tata Cliq Glides in Buzz Among Enthusiasts

The time to win is back. You guessed it right. GrabOn’s super loved cricket season fest – The Cricket Fantasy league is running in its full vigor during its 7th season. The campaign is at the right time around Diwali as is a great way for users to bag gifts and discounts.


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GrabOn – Cricket Fantasy


The CFL kick started on the 19th of September and has already seen participation of lakhs of users, and counting. It is set to continue till the end of the World Cup on 14th November. 


This season of CFL is powered by Croma and cosponsored by PharmEasy and Tata Cliq. Moreover, GrabOn has also joined hands with Unschool as their knowledge partner. The amazing games this season are brought to you by Healthkart and Travolook that you are sure to have some great time playing. 


The campaign has made the brands around super thrilled and more brands can be seen joining hands with GrabOn as the campaign progresses. The company has a wing working on brand partnerships for the campaign dedicatedly. What this means for the participants is many more assured gifts while playing. The same is an amazing opportunity for brands to connect with new audiences and expand their reach. 


Here are the gifting partners on board for the CFL: Rapido, Cult.Fit, Swiggy Instamart, The Sleep Company, MyGlamm, Durfi, Club Mahindra, HealthKart, Spring Fit, Sytara, NorbyCart, Qurez, Silberry, Ministry of Nuts, Snitch, Ugaoo, Auric, The Tea Shelf, The Whole Truth Foods, Gift Kya De, MyFlowerTree, Rapz, TT Bazaar and Hey Poochie.


Users can checkout the CFL page to meet the gifting brands, and to witness the new exciting additions made to the campaign until 14th Nov.


About CFL

The CFL is made for users all over India to participate in fun games and get rewarded. Every year, people win discounts, hampers, gifts and this year is set to be no different; except the prizes are bigger than ever. 


It is a 56-day campaign that runs along with the cricket season in the country. As the World Cup is around the same time too, participants get bigger chances to take home exciting gifts. 


CFL had to be stopped earlier this year as ongoing Cricket matches were paused and our widely loved Match Predictor game needed to be played with the matches. But, thanks to the love and support of the participants, we were able to kick off the newest season and make it the biggest yet,

” says a company representative.


The Games

The campaign this time has brand new games to keep the participants engaged throughout the season. There are exciting additions like Card A Thon and, Whack a Ball, which our users are sure to enjoy, affirms a rep. The classic Spin the wheel, which had been the most played game of the last season, makes a grand entry in the S7 too. 


Our participants love to try their luck and take home prizes, and we give them just that. And this year, we are particularly excited to see people’s participation during the World Cup matches,” said Ashok, CEO, GrabOn. Users will have to stay tuned in until the 14th of November to witness all the surprises that come along the way.


How to play?

Check out the games and follow the procedure to start playing. Each game has its own rules and terms that you can check out on its individual page. The games are pretty straightforward and are made with the sole aim to help a player destress and have fun. And the brownie point is that you get rewarded just for doing that! Also, the more you play, the more you can win!


Players can win hampers, goodies, and even vouchers & discount coupons which will help them save while they shop online. Also, the users can redeem their remaining points directly on the GrabOn CFL store against exclusive coupons which is another new addition to the CFL this year.


Don’t miss this opportunity to bag extravagant discounts on your favourite items in clothing, electronics, bedding, travel, gifts, tea, and more by participating in the CFL. There are products related to fitness and health for giveaways too like a fitness club membership and so on. No matter what your interests are, you can win something that you’ll love.


All concerns and inquiries regarding the campaign, its games, and prizes can be addressed to

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