Govind Khatri’s character in ‘Ek Mahanayak Dr B. R. Ambedkar’ makes story inspirational


Mumbai, Jan 11 (IANS) TV and film actor Govind Khatri is seen as Prachand Dev in the show ‘Ek Mahanayak Dr B.R. Ambedkar’.

He is playing a negative character and creates a lot of havoc in Bhimrao’s (played by Atharva Karve) life.

Speaking about the turmoil that Prachand Dev will bring into young Bhimrao’s life, Govind Khatri, says: “Prachand Dev ji’s entry will bring a lot of troubles and challenges in young Bhimrao’s life. Somehow Bhimrao and his paths intervene, leading to huge ideological differences, with him plotting to cause huge havoc in Bhimrao’s life.”

In the current episode it was seen how young Bhimrao takes a stand against child Labour and manages to convince a few kids to take up studying. However, he faces huge opposition as well, mostly from parents as well as from Prachand Dev.

The actor who is known for portraying the character of Karna in the TV series, ‘Shri Krishna’, shares further on how his entry has made the sequence more intriguing.

“The extreme steps adopted by Prachand Dev ji will only strengthen Bhimrao to face these compelling situations boldly, bringing to fore his evolved vision, indomitable perseverance, and determination. The mayhem that Prachand Dev ji creates in Bhimrao’s life makes for an extremely emotional yet inspirational storyline for the viewers,” he adds.

‘Ek Mahanayak Dr B.R. Ambedkar’ airs on &TV.



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