GMS $QEDN submitted the first full quote to EVOK from grupo nutresa to make the GMSacha Inchi beverage with EVOK brand.

Evok GMSacha Inchi beverage

Evok GMsacha Inchi beverage

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GMSacha logo

GMSacha New Lifestyle 2021

GMSacha New Lifestyle 2021

GMS $QEDN submitted the first full quote to EVOK from grupo nutresa to make the GMSacha Inchi beverage with EVOK brand.

QED Connect GMSacha Inchi (OTCMKTS:QEDN)

GMSacha Inchi is the real superfood that everyone wants and needs. GMSacha Inchi beverage is the only beverage with OMega 3,6,9 and a complete vegan protein with all 9 amino acids”

— Nanny Katharina (Kate) Bahnsen

MEDELLIN, ANTIOQUIA, COLOMBIA, May 10, 2022 / — GMS $QEDN submitted the first full quote to EVOK from grupo nutresa to produce the GMSacha Inchi beverage with EVOK brand.

Nutresa was present inside the ExpoDubai 2020 Colombian pavilion with the Evok brand. Evok has requested a full quote to make the GMSacha Inchi beverage with Evok brand.

Evok has opened an office in Dubai and is planning to have many retail stores in Dubai.
Colombia was one of the 192 countries present during the next 6 months that the meeting will last, which started from October 2021 until March 31, 2022. Nutresa was present as one of the main partners in the Colombia pavilion at ExpoDubai 2020, with the Biscuits, Coffee, Chocolates and Meat Businesses. Also with the Evok brand and its broad portfolio of natural ingredients.

“Proud to show the world what we are, we will be represented during this time by a delegation of 5 talented women, who will be doing the work of relationship and commercial approach with the MEASA region. Our country occupies a pavilion of 2,000 square meters, in one of the most important multitudinous events for global economic recovery. The meeting of hundreds of cultures has the magic of Evok brand with a store in the Colombian pavilion. Likewise, we also focus our participation around B2B Business, through our brand Cordillera: sustainable Latin American chocolate. In this way, we continue to promote the development of new businesses in a region of great opportunities. An achievement that motivates us to continue giving the best of each one of us, to continue captivating the hearts of our customers and consumers around the world with our brands and products. Together we continue to build a better world where development is for everyone. “
Evok wants to be the first brand to have GMSacha Inchi beverage with their own brand.

About Nutresa
Our team is made up of innovative, committed, and responsible people who contribute to our sustainable development. We are passionate about our clients and consumers and encourage corporate sense and ideas without borders.
We are part of Grupo Nutresa’s Chocolate Businesses, which has production plants in Costa Rica, Mexico, and Peru, and a wide distribution network that allows us to make our portfolio available in the most strategic regions for our business to grow. Grupo Nutresa is one the most important players in the food industry in Latin America, operating through eight business units: biscuits, cold cuts, chocolates, coffees, Tresmontes Lucchetti (TMLUC), retail food, ice creams, and pastas.

We are proud to be part of Grupo Nutresa, the second company with the best capacity to attract and retain talent in Colombia, according to the Merco Talent 2020 ranking, and the first in the food sector. This recognition inspires us and challenges us to continue promoting the integral development of our collaborators and to continue building A Future Together.

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