Global Promotion Campaign of Poetic Taizhou with Four Seasons of Warmth Began

TAIZHOU, China–()–The global promotion campaign of Poetic Taizhou with Four Seasons of Warmth, organized by CRI Jiangsu Channel, was officially launched recently. Taizhou’s four seasons are warm and poetic. Spring greens the south bank of the Yangtze River with scent of peaches and willows; summer brings 100 miles of river banks and 10,000 mu of lotus ponds; autumn bears rice blossoms and golden ginkgoes everywhere; winter is best time to nourish everything.

Spring Scenes

Rape buds begins to appear in March. At Xinghua Qianduo Scenic Spot, Look around whenever the flowers bloom, full of brilliance. Taoyuan is named after the peach, boasting approximately 3,600 peach blossoms of over 100 species. The cherry blossom petals in Taizhou Vocational and Technical College fly with the wind, while in the city center Wenchang Pavilion Garden, complement old buildings. Willows’ new shoots on both sides of Qin Lake are sprouting, giving the earliest touch of green.

Summer Beauty

Taizhou completed 36,000 mu of reforestation. Its riverside’s People’s East Road, suitable for horse-pressing, has the reputation of “lover’s road”. Water Forest Spot in Lizhong Town is the largest man-made ecological forest in the province. The Ancient Ginkgo Forest Park in Xuanbao, with over 3,800 trees over 100 years old, has lush foliage and thick shades in summer so popular that many photographers checks in. Xinghua Wanmu Lotus Pond Scenic Area covers 1,200 acres of contiguous lotus leaves.

Autumn Charm

During the autumnal season in Taizhou, the most beautiful colors abound. Over 1,000 mu of marigolds in the core area of Xinghua Qianduo Scenic Spot race to bloom, and it‘s the best time to view the sea of sunflowers in Fengjia Village, Xilai Town, Jingjiang City. Walking along the streets of Taizhou, On every Koelreuteria paniculata you can find red fruit.

Winter Preservation

Early winter, everything is preserved. “Bite of China” featured Jingjiang Crab Meat Soup Buns has been around for 200 years, once steamed, turns snow-white and crystal clear, paper-thin skin and almost transparent.

“Sanyuan Hot Spring”, rare in China, emerges from 1800 meters of wetlands with 50 distinct pools scattered among the flowers and trees, and fancy ways to bathe.

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