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America Haunts Unveils the Spine-Chilling, Scary Best in Haunt Entertainment for 2023

DALLAS, Sept. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Generating fear is beyond sensory; it’s also psychological. There is a complex interplay of emotions that haunt masters meticulously manipulate to reach deep into the recesses of the mind. At the core of this psychological terror is the amygdala, the primal switchboard for fear in our brains. When fear takes hold, instinct is the driver. Thrill-seekers crave these mind-bending experiences, where their primal instincts to scream, freeze, sweat, and flee are set ablaze. Haunt lovers don’t miss a chance at getting tickets to the scariest professional haunts before it’s too late.

The FIVE SCARIEST haunted attractions in the United States have been named by America Haunts - the premier haunted attraction association.

America Haunts, the apex of haunted attraction associations in the US, heralds 2023’s scariest haunted attractions.

In the quest for the ultimate adrenaline rush, the best haunt creators play a symphony on the senses. From the dimly lit corridors to unsettling, nearly inaudible whispers in the shadows, they orchestrate the range of controls for horror fun. Lights flicker, some with a tingling strobe effect, and eerie sounds stem from hidden corners, all while guests navigate a disorienting path. Minds strain to comprehend what they see, hear, and where they’re headed, only to be blindsided by something they never saw coming.

Timing is the key to this chilling performance, a carefully choreographed dance of the unexpected. The execution requires mastery with year-round planning and collaboration between the visionaries and the legions of professionals in fear entertainment including, engineers, programmers, costume designers, and set builders. Together, the experts conjure a seamless, transformative haunt experience that rattles minds yet brings excitement, laughter, and fun.

America Haunts, the apex of haunted attraction associations in the United States, heralds the scariest attractions for the 2023 Halloween season. These ingenious minds at the top five scariest haunted attractions will astonish and terrify the most seasoned haunt enthusiasts, etching lasting memories for all who dare to venture into the scariest in the nation.

13th Gate – Baton Rouge, Louisiana

The 13th Gate is a realm of ghastly wonders known for its gargantuan sets and spine-tingling special effects plus a midway filled with haunt entertainment and free concerts for hours of thrills and chills.

A five-star reviewer wrote: “Water and wind effects, smells, sounds, and incredible detail all come together in this haunted house.”  “This is an artistic, atmospheric, and frightening haunted house.” “I felt like I was in a scary movie.” “The actors are really good at getting under your skin.”

Dent Schoolhouse – Cincinnati, Ohio

Dent Schoolhouse is frightening on another level for fear seekers facing terror amplified by the haunting spirits and a scarecast aided by cutting-edge haunt technology to bring haunt euphoria.

“Truly nothing short of spectacular. The top-notch set design featured elegantly crafted props and scenes along with startling special effects,” said one haunt reviewer from the Fright Review Squad. Another reviewer said, “Great staff and some really fun twists and turns. Can certainly see why [it’s] ranked as one of the best.”

Talon Falls Screampark – Paducah, Kentucky

Talon Falls Screampark sprawls for many acres to offer boundless scaring with an array of heart-stopping horror experiences, from hayrides and shows to multiple haunted houses.

“[Have gone] the last seven years, and it scares me to death every time. I love how, every year, they make ways to change the layouts in each attraction. I had a blast,” said one reviewer. Another 5-star review said: “Very smart design to the haunted houses. Best one I’ve ever been to and well worth [it].”

Headless Horseman and Hayrides – Ulster Park, New York

Bone-chilling terror is always ‘mission accomplished’ at the Headless Horseman and Hayrides as visitors are beckoned through a haunted hayride, a confounding corn maze, and two spine-tingling haunted houses.

The Scare Factor reviewer wrote: “The special effects used here are great. Pyrotechnics, fog effects, bungees, and zip lines…aren’t your everyday SFX…from small animatronics to giant [ones] moving…all looked amazing.” Decoys and distractions are used a few times in each section. Scares come from left, right, in front, behind, and even above!”

The Haunted Trail of Balboa Park – San Diego, California

The industry powerhouses behind this haunt put their entire realm of scare professionals on the trail in 2023 to intensely scare, given the sky is the limit outside Southern California.

“The Haunted Trails at Balboa Park was amazing! SUPER Scary,” said a local guide. A 5-star reviewer said: “Best haunt I’ve ever been to…you really get your money’s worth at the Haunted Trail. They had a really cool maze filled with scary creatures…walk through Balboa Park, including a graveyard [and] scary school bus.”

The 2023 Halloween season is here for all those craving adventure and unforgettable experiences to add flair and fun in a lifetime. When it comes to the finest in fear, these five haunted attractions stand in a class of their own. America Haunts, the torchbearer of fear-based entertainment excellence, applauds these haunted wonders and invites all thrill-seekers to embark on an unforgettable journey into the heart of fright.

About America Haunts

America Haunts is the national association of premier haunted attractions dedicated to fear-based entertainment excellence and originality. Their collective annual visitors exceed more than a million people, and its members are recognized for their longevity in the industry. Their professionalism, technical expertise, innovation, and penchant for generating screams make them the vanguards of fun and excitement in the haunting world.

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