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BEIJING, Nov. 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Genetron Holdings Limited (“Genetron Health” or the “Company”) (Nasdaq: GTH), a leading precision oncology company in China that specializes in offering molecular profiling tests, early cancer screening products and companion diagnostics development, today announced that its early precision lung cancer diagnosis and treatment project, a joint initiative with the West China Hospital of Sichuan University, won the second prize of China’s National Science and Technology Progress award. Genetron Health stood out as the only award recipient that focused on precision oncology this year.

The National Science and Technological Progress Award is one of the five National Science and Technology Awards, established by the State Council in China. The award is primarily granted to local citizens and organizations who have made distinguished contributions in technology R&D and innovation, the application of advanced scientific and technology achievements, and the promotion of high-tech industrialization.

Led by Professor Li Weimin from West China Hospital Sichuan University, the initiative received significant support from Genetron Health. The project revealed the unique molecular genetic characteristics of non-smoking younger lung cancer patients, and established a new low-dose CT screening technique for high-risk populations over the age of 40 in China. The project focused on tackling the issue of missed diagnosis in early-stage lung cancer and built a forecasting model based on imaging.

In addition, the research team analyzed lung cancer evolution through multi-omics methods, identified molecular markers for early diagnosis, and solved bottleneck problems associated with molecular subtypes and the use of targeted therapy for early stage lung cancer.

The project team leveraged Genetron Health’s patented “One-Step Seq Method” technology to build a new molecular detection method based on small samples, as well as its NMPA approved, CE Marked 8-gene Lung Cancer Assay.

Project data showed that the “One-Step Seq Method” was 100% accurate for 3% mutation detection when using an initial amount of 10ng DNA; at the 30ng RNA initial amount, fusion detection accuracy for 100 copies of mutations was 100%, indicating that the technology can meet the needs of early lung cancer micro-sample detection.

Genetron Health’s Co-founder and CEO Sizhen Wang said, “We are honored to have worked with Professor Li’s team and won the National Science and Technology Progress Award, highlighting Genetron’s leading technologies and products, and our commitment to innovation. We believe that our continued innovation will bring real changes to diagnostic solutions in oncology, enabling more of our products to be applied in clinical practice and benefiting more patients.”

About Genetron Health’s patented “One-Step Seq Method” technology and 8-Gene Lung Cancer Assay

Genetron Health’s “One-Step Seq Method” technology offers fast and easy-to-use testing procedures that is suitable for independent operation within hospitals in China. With One-Step Seq, the library construction process is finished in one step of reaction, minimizing manual operation to one mixture of reagents with DNA/cDNA. The chance of contamination in the process is minimal with the “sample in library out” workflow. The assay is compatible with the Genetron S5 sequencing platform, and together they offer a two-day turnaround time from sample to report.

The 8-gene Lung Cancer Assay was approved by China’s NMPA in 2020, and also obtained CE Mark in 2021. The assay covers mutations of EGFR, BRAF, KRAS, HER2 and PIK3CA, translocations of ALK and ROS1, and MET exon 14 skipping, and 7 of these genes are recommended biomarkers by the 2018 NCCN guideline for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) patients. Several targeted therapy drugs such as Gefitinib, Osimertinib, Crizotinib and Savolitinib have been approved by the NMPA for treatments of NSCLC patients with those genomic alterations.

About Genetron Holdings Limited

Genetron Holdings Limited (“Genetron Health” or the “Company”) (Nasdaq: GTH) is a leading precision oncology platform company in China that specializes in cancer molecular profiling and harnesses advanced technologies in molecular biology and data science to transform cancer treatment. The Company has developed a comprehensive oncology portfolio that covers the entire spectrum of cancer management, addressing needs and challenges from early screening, diagnosis and treatment recommendations, as well as continuous disease monitoring and care. Genetron Health also partners with global biopharmaceutical companies and offers customized services and products. For more information, please visit

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