Gen-Z Agency NinetyEight Celebrates its 2 Year Anniversary

98 celebrating their 2nd anniversary

98 celebrates its 2nd anniversary

The pandemic-born digital agency reflects on its event-filled 2 years of award-winning work

There is more and more demand to reach Gen-Z, especially in new and exciting ways.”

— Gia Lee, CSO of NinetyEight

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, June 3, 2022 / — NinetyEight announced its 2nd anniversary on June 3rd, 2022. The agency started at the height of the pandemic, with a mission to help bridge the gap between brands and Generation-Z. Two years later, the agency remains as committed as ever. Through the Koi Pond, NinetyEight’s proprietary network of Gen-Z’s, NinetyEight offers valuable insights and strategies for reaching Gen-Z, which they then convert into a wide selection of services ranging from Gen-Z consulting, to TikTok social media management, and even influencer marketing. Within their two-short years of existence, NinetyEight has already been able to produce award-winning campaigns for clients such as PepsiCo, Meta, Fabletics, and Paul Frank.

NinetyEight was founded fresh out of college by 6 Gen-Z’s: Celine Chai, Gia Lee, Bryant Lin, Sammy Lent, Fran Magsalin, and Eduardo Pablin. The agency has since added an account manager, Truman Rae; a part-time social media coordinator, Natalie Saathoff; as well as a seasonal intern program.

“I remember our first day starting,” Celine Chai, CEO, reminisces, “we all just sat in a single Zoom meeting like ‘welp, we’re doing it!’ But it’s been an amazing journey so far, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. We’ve learned so much, met so many new people, and experienced so many unique opportunities, every day at NinetyEight has been so fulfilling.”

NinetyEight’s mission to connect brands and Gen-Z has also evolved. With the development of the Koi Pond in 2021, NinetyEight has since become a leader in Gen-Z insights, thoughts, and opinions for brands.

“We see it every day,” Gia Lee, CSO, remarks, “There is more and more demand to reach Gen-Z, especially in new and exciting ways. Honestly, if you haven’t thought about targeting Gen-Z already, you might already be too late. But we see it day in and day out, the opportunities for brands to not just target Gen-Z, but to really speak to them—speak with them I should say, that’s something that excites us.”

“Sure, this path hasn’t been easy, or conventional really. We’ve seen the statistics on entrepreneurship: like the failure rate of businesses,” Chai says, “but honestly, it motivates us. It pushes us to put our best foot forward everyday and experiment, to take risks, and be our authentic selves. It’s kind of what our generation is all about, so we really want to embody that in our own company.”

Aside from NinetyEight’s marketing accomplishments, the agency has made a name for itself as a Gen-Z company as well. Having gone viral for their “Gen-Z emails” TikTok, which garnered over 7.5 million views, the agency has certainly caught the attention of their peers.

“It’s always so encouraging seeing the support from our generation,” Bryant Lin, CMO, says, “I know I’m always on TikTok, but I constantly find inspiration and motivation from people our age. My hope is that others in our generation feel the same way about us.”

In terms of future plans, Chai says, “NinetyEight is constantly shifting, but we really see ourselves leading this change in the way brands interact with Gen-Z and generations beyond ours. The internet has brought us so many opportunities—including our company of course—but the way brands talk to consumers hasn’t really changed yet. I think there is truly something special in the work we do at NinetyEight, and you can expect even more great things from us moving forward.”

About NinetyEight

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, NinetyEight LLC is a culturally-driven strategic impact agency built by and for Gen-Z. Founded in 2020 during the heart of the COVID-19 pandemic, NinetyEight’s sole mission is to make Gen-Zs understood. We focus on creating authentic relationships between Gen-Zs and brands – driving our generation’s voice to the forefront of digital marketing. Our team of Gen-Zs is culturally in-tune and constantly on the ground not just observing Gen-Z culture, but experiencing it as well. This along with our digital marketing and trends expertise allows us to create meaningful work for brands that resonate with and positively impact Gen-Z. Within a year, we have been recognized for our creativity and innovation as the Silicon Beach Startup of the Year by ThinkLA, a renowned advertising collective. NinetyEight has also received press coverage from Fortune Magazine, Yahoo News, Independent, Newsweek, Upworthy, and CampaignUS. Our current client roster includes PepsiCo, Fabletics, Paul Frank (under Futurity Brands), and IMVU.

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