• Aims to Establish a Cultural Bridge between Singapore, Southeast Asia and Chinese Markets for Brands and Consumers
  • G.H.Y Singapore and China Producers, Directors, Scriptwriters and Cast to Work Closely Together to Introduce Short Drama Series in Singapore
  • Projects Include Short Dramas like Miss Tanya, based on Singapore’s Hit Drama Little Nyonya, The Ferryman Musical and a First-Ever Live Immersive Game based on G.H.Y’s Horror Stories of Tang Dynasty Drama Series

SINGAPORE, July 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — G.H.Y Culture & Media Holding Co., Limited (G.H.Y), a leading player in the media and entertainment industry, is proud to announce the launch of more SingaporeChina collaborations for the creation of original entertainment content (also known as IP projects) for 2022 and beyond. The G.H.Y Singapore and China production teams will be collaborating to produce and release 3 Singapore-China short drama series from July to September 2022. This format, familiar to audiences in China on streaming platforms such as Douyin and Bilibili, will introduce Singapore viewers to a relatively new form of entertainment content – the short drama series. 

The success of G.H.Y’s previously released short dramas in China is testimony to the changing demand for entertainment content through streaming entertainment platforms and linear TV. G.H.Y intends to continue to strengthen partnerships with new content platforms and attract a broader base of millennials and Gen Z audiences with the production of more short drama series. To date, this business unit has attracted more than 1 billion viewers across its published short drama content, with each series garnering up to 150 million viewers.  Each short drama series is slated to run for 2 or 3 seasons, with 12 to 16 episodes per season, and each episode will be approximately 3 minutes. 

G.H.Y’s first 3 Singapore-China short drama series collaborations – Goddess Hotel, Miss Tanya and Ability Bureau – will involve the Singapore production team and actors, with each IP project estimated to cost between SGD 350,000 to SGD 1.6 million to produce. All 3 short dramas will be simultaneously released globally, on Douyin (China) and TikTok (Douyin’s global English counterpart) with available translations in English, Bahasa Indonesian and Thai.

3 other live entertainment projects are in the pipeline to be launched in Singapore, including 2 Chinese musicals – The Ferryman, based on the original play of the same name that has toured the world for over 50 productions, and Horror Stories of Tang Dynasty  – and a first-ever immersive live action game based on G.H.Y’s Legend of Tang Dynasty drama series, where participants will be able to take part in an actual game setting mirroring the drama series.

G.H.Y’s Regional Collaborative Efforts to Grow its SEA Talent Pool

In order to expand their regional footprint, G.H.Y has also started collaborative efforts with tertiary institutions like the National University of Singapore (NUS) to identify, train and promote talent across the Southeast Asia (SEA) region. Starting with Pitch It! – an annual tertiary-wide marketing competition organised by the NUS Communications & New Media Society in collaboration with G.H.Y for student scriptwriters, whose winning submissions will be produced and filmed by the G.H.Y production team and streamed to a global audience.

G.H.Y’s has also entered into a strategic joint venture to establish a Singapore-based talent management agency with iQIYI as part of its business strategy and growth plans, to focus on the development of artistes who are primarily based in the SEA region and facilitate access to wider audiences and exposure to new markets for G.H.Y.

G.H.Y Collaborations with Local and Regional Businesses

G.H.Y also intends to collaborate with Singapore and regional businesses looking to expand their awareness and reach to China through G.H.Y’s entertainment content. Brands looking for entry into China or to reach out to Chinese audiences will find G.H.Y’s short dramas, concerts, musicals and movies a suitable platform to establish brand recognition through advertisement and product placements for their products and/or services.

“G.H.Y aims to be a cultural bridge between Singapore, Southeast Asia and China, linking consumers, brands and cultures to build better understanding and rapport for greater collaborations and opportunities in Asia,” says Li Si Wei, G.H.Y’s Head of PR and Distribution, Singapore. “One of the main reasons for us to establish a Singapore headquarters and an Indonesian office is to develop closer ties with these markets on the ground, so that we can develop the entertainment industry, its talent pool, and produce content for Southeast Asian and China audiences to create closer ties between Singapore, Southeast Asia and China. We find that movies, dramas and entertainment content can create shared bonds for greater understanding and appreciation of one another’s culture, which G.H.Y aims to achieve.”

For details on G.H.Y’s SingaporeChina productions, see Appendix A.

For details on G.H.Y’s Singapore spokespersons and biographies, see Appendix B.

For details on the key Singapore production team and actors involved in the SingaporeChina productions, see Appendix C.

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About G.H.Y Culture & Media

G.H.Y Culture & Media is one of the region’s leading companies in the production and distribution of films and dramas and presentation of live entertainment. 

G.H.Y Culture & Media Holding Co., Limited and together with its subsidiaries and affiliated entities (“G.H.Y” or “G.H.Y Culture & Media” or the “Group”) is an entertainment business that focuses on the production and promotion of dramas and films and presentation of live entertainment in the Asia-Pacific region. Our quality works have gone from strength to strength over the past years and have enjoyed many notable successes with our audience in the Asia-Pacific region.

Currently headquartered in Singapore and the PRC with over 170 employees across Singapore, Malaysia, China and Australia, the Group also engages in talent management services, post production and visual effects services, props, costumes and make-up services.

For more information, visit www.ghyculturemedia.com.

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a) Short Dramas

The goddess hotel

Goddess Hotel (Launched on 5 July 2022)

Theme: Fantasy, emotional

Planned production run: 3 seasons, 16 episodes per season, 1 episode per month, starting July 2022

Per episode duration: Approximately 3 minutes

Target audience: Female, 25+

Estimated viewership: 600 million

Producer: Guo Jing Yu

Directors: Ju Xing Mao, Guo Shi Min, Zhou Ying Bo

Screenwriter: Xiao Ji Xiang Tian

Starring: Yue Lina

Shoot location: China

Production Budget: SGD 1.6 million


In the legendary Goddess Hotel, whatever you ask for, will be granted. The owner, Na Lan, has the ability to fulfil wishes, but in exchange, she will acquire the most precious things from the requestor.

Miss Tanya (Shooting Commences in August 2022)

Theme: Urban fantasy, emotional, light-hearted comedy

Planned production run: 1 season, 16 episodes

Per episode duration: Approximately 3minutes

Style: Strong plot

Producer: Chan Pui Yin

Screenwriter/Director: Wu Pei Shuang (Boris Boo)

Target audience group: Female, 25+ years old

Estimated viewership: 100 million

Producer: Guo Jing Yu

Screenwriter: Xiao Ji Xiang Tian

Starring: casting in progress

Shoot location: Singapore/Malaysia

Production budget: SGD 350,000


In the middle of the night in Singapore, a Nyonya spirit by the name of Tanya appears in Singapore.  After an unforeseen accidents, she forms an indissoluble bond with taxi driver, Ah Hong, and the pair start on an adventure to find memories in the city, evoking a series of emotional stories.

Ability Bureau (Shooting Commences in September 2022)

Theme: Fantasy, comedy, drama

Planned production run: 2 seasons, 16 episodes in a season

Per episode duration: Approximately 3 minutes

Director and screenwriter: Wu Pei Shuang (Boris Boo)

Producer: Guo Jing Yu

Starring: Chen Kai Ying, Ye Qiu Er, Yang Jian Meng, Lu Jia Yong

Streaming platforms: Tik Tok, Douyin

Estimated traffic: 100 million

Production budget: SGD 500,000


“Ability Bureau” is a magical plot weaved with comedy. It is the year 2053 of the parallel universe 201. The Infinite is revived, and under the leadership of the newly-risen Nan Wang Pingtou, Boss Xue who was imprisoned in the Abilities Hospital, is rescued. Together, Nan Wang PingTou and Boss Xue scramble for the energy box to gain dominion over the supernatural world. The supernatural world will encounter a major shift as the war is heads towards its conclusion.

b) Musicals

The Ferry Man Musical

Theme: Suspense

Art Director: Guo Jing Yu

Theme Song Lyrics: Fang Wen Shan

Producer: Gao Peng

Starring: Yu Yi

Project Highlights: Chinese original musical content

Estimated audience: 50,000+


As a derivative of the original, The Ferryman (released in 2014 with 20 episodes) this musical premiered in the winter of 2020. The musical version still features Yu Yi as the leading actor, continuing the original play’s creative and character standpoint. The original play has toured more than 50 times nationwide. In The Ferryman, a young man who can see ghosts, works together with the “soul ferryman” to help wandering souls with their unfulfilled wishes, so that the souls would finally be able to be ferried to “the other side”.

Legend Of Tang Dynasty Musical

Theme: Suspense, mystery

Art Director: Guo Jing Yu

Theme Song Lyrics: Fang Wen Shan

Producer: Gao Peng

Project Highlights: Chinese original musical content

Estimated audience: 30,000+


The musical continues the prototype worldview, character setting, and spiritual core of the film and TV version, but is independent from the original story and unlocks exciting and bizarre new cases.  In this musical, the production team will recreate the Tang Dynasty, spanning across Chang’an, Nanzhou, and Luoyang, while deciphering Lu Ling Feng and Su Wu Ming with unprecedented “story depth” to unveil the real reasons and mysteries behind these bizarre cases.

c) Immersive Live Action Game based on Horror Stories  of Tang Dynasty

Theme: Suspense, historical style 

Game duration: 3 hours

Game area: 1,200 square metres

(China) Zhongshan Park business district, Changning District, Shanghai, (Singapore) To be decided

Target audience group:
Generation Z

Number of players in a single game: 12-60 people 

Estimated number of participants: 30,000 per year 

Production budget: RMB 15 million (approximately SGD 3,110,000)

Ticket prices: 499 RMB (estimated SGD 104) per person for large-themed games, RMB 368 (estimated SGD 77) per person for medium-themed games, RMB 268 (estimated SGD 56) per person for small-themed games

Game features: Based on the virtual game world view, through the film-level setting and clothing designs, an immersive environment is created where real Non-Player Characters (NPC) actors will lead players through time-travel, exploring the various endings of this immersive live action game. 



Li Si Wei, Head of PR and Distribution, G.H.Y (Singapore)

With more than 15 years of experience in internet, film, and television industry, Si Wei has extensive experience in branding, intellectual property content promotion, business development and international team management in the global market. He has served numerous times as a guest speaker and reviewer at international and Chinese marketing summits.

Wu De, Creative Director, Drama Business, G.H.Y (China)

Wu De is in charge of development, operation, overall planning and distribution of films and television dramas for G.H.Y. As the overall person in charge of short drama and short video business in the organisation, he is also in charge of one of the fastest growing divisions in G.H.Y.

Gao Peng, Director, Concert & Musical Business, G.H.Y (China)

Peng has served as an artiste broker and stage producer and is good at systematically packaging and promoting artistes. Over the years, he has successfully planned and executed many high-profile events, such as “Mirror Flowers and Water Moon”. His core responsibility in G.H.Y China involves crafting the creative directions as well as managing all aspects of concerts and musical businesses in the organisation.

Li Zhi Chao, Director, Reality Game Business, G.H.Y (China)

Zhi Chao joined G.H.Y China in 2011.  As an in-house screenwriter, he has assisted director Guo Jing Yu for many years, and has also been intimately involved in the creation of many film and television dramas for the company.  His recent screenwriting works include “Heroes Huo Yuanjia” and “The Promised Youth Forever”.  In 2022, Zhi Chao was also appointed as the assistant to the Executive Chairman and Group CEO and the head of the interactive entertainment department, which is in charge of live entertainment, animation comics and audiobooks.  His main role is to find innovative business areas to expand, based on the existing resources of G.H.Y.



Boris Boo (Wu Pei Shuang) (Scriptwriter/Director – Miss Tanya/Ability Bureau)

Boris has been in the film and television industry for 25 years.  He made his directorial debut in 2009 where he co-directed Where Got Ghost? with Jack Neo. In 2007, Just Follow Law, a film that Boris conceptualised and wrote, was nominated for Best Original Screenplay at the 44th Golden Horse Awards 2007.

In 2019, Boris won Star Awards’ Best Short-Form Drama Series with his web series Love at Cavenagh Bridge. His works such as K.O. and While You Were Away were also finalists in New York Festivals 2017 and Star Awards 2019 respectively. His latest work, a 132-episode drama, Recipe of Life, recently bagged both the Best Actor and Best Actress Award at the 2022 Star Awards.

Boris joined G.H.Y in 2021 and is currently an Associate Lecturer in Ngee Ann Polytechnic, teaching both Film and Media Studies and Chinese Communication Studies.

Chan Pui Yin (Producer – Miss Tanya)

Chan Pui Yin is a veteran producer from Singapore with Singapore box-office hits I Not Stupid (2002), I Not Stupid Too (2006), Homerun (Best New Performer, Golden Horse Awards 2003), The Maid (2005), 881 (2007), Homecoming (2011) and Taxi! Taxi! (2013) under her belt. Her involvement in overseas movie collaborations include The Eye (2002), The Eye 2 (2004), Turn Left, Turn Right (2003), Infernal Affairs 2 (2003), The Home Song Stories (Best Actress, Best Original Screenplay, Golden Horse Awards 2007), Painted Skin (2008) and others.

She currently heads the production team at G.H.Y (Singapore) and aims to deliver over 100 hours of content starting with the re-make of the classic Singapore TV series – The Little Nyonya (released in June 2020 with 45 episodes) and The Ferryman – Legends of Nanyang (released in August 2021 with 36 episodes).

Tay Ping Hui (Sub-cast – Miss Tanya)

A household name in Singapore, Tay Ping Hui has more than 50 acting credits to his name spanning an illustrious 20-year career with celebrated local dramas like C.L.I.F. (2011), Unriddle 2 (2012), and Crescendo (2015). Ping Hui also made inroads into China in recent years, receiving critical praises for his portrayal of iconic characters in China Productions like The Legend of the Condor Heroes (2017), Brave Heart 2 (2018), Handsome Siblings (2019) and Heroes (2020).

Ping Hui is a multiple Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor Star and All-Time Favourite Artiste Awards winner at the prestigious Star Awards. In addition to his works in front of the camera, Ping Hui has also shown his talent behind the camera, having directed many short films and made his feature directorial debut with the film “Meet the Giant“.

SOURCE G.H.Y Culture Media


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