Full Circle Home Announces Five Ways One Kitchen Tool Cuts Down on Food Waste

 NEW YORK, Oct. 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — October 17th is World Food Day, which makes this a perfect time to consider how we can cut down on food waste. Reducing food waste not only means more food for those who need it, but keeping food out of landfills also helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change.

Five Ways One Kitchen Tool Cuts Down on Food Waste

Full Circle Home, a sustainable homeware company, has designed a number of products with this effort in mind. The latest in the lineup is the Peel Good peeler collection, an assortment of vegetable peelers with interchangeable blades made from sustainable materials. These peelers can help reduce food waste by making it possible to use as much of our food as possible.

The Peeler Assortment comes with Y-peeler and straight peeler options, as well as three stainless steel blade types: Straight, Serrated, and Julienne. Its ergonomic bamboo handle provides a comfortable grip even when wet and helps avoid hand fatigue during peeling.

Here are five tips for using the Peel Good Peeler Assortment to reduce your food waste.

Tip 1: Use a peeler during produce prep

Using a peeler instead of a knife to prep your produce cuts down on food waste by maximizing the amount of produce you keep.

Peel Good’s Straight Blade makes it easier to only shave off as much as you need to remove the peel. Opt for the Serrated Blade to cut away delicate fruit skins, like that of tomatoes, peaches, or kiwis. The Julienne Blade can cut produce like carrots and cucumbers into match sticks, making it possible to use the rest of the produce in creative ways.

Tip 2: Avoid one-task kitchen tools

Zoodles and other vegetable-turned-pasta options have become many families’ go-to solution to eat healthier—but one-task kitchen tools like typical spiral gadgets often create more dishes to wash, which means using more water in the cleanup process. When you can, try to opt for tools that perform multiple functions to save water.

The Peel Good Julienne Blade is a great spiral-izing alternative for creating noodle-y strips from your squash-of-choice. Or, if you want a wider “noodle,” opt for the Straight Blade to create wide and thin ribbons instead. Multiple options within one tool can cut back on water usage during cleanup, while also making meal prep easier and faster. 

Tip 3: Use the same foods in multiple ways

Using multiple parts of the same fruit throughout the meal is a great way to cut down on food waste.

If you squeezed some citrus on your salad or your main course, for example, you don’t need to throw away the rind just yet. You can use the Peel Good Straight Blade to peel strips of lime, lemon, orange, or even grapefruit zest to garnish a refreshing after-dinner cocktail or mocktail.

Tip 4: Buy “ugly” fruits and vegetables

“Ugly” fruits and vegetables—the ones with irregular shapes—are more likely to be passed over by grocery shoppers in favor of “prettier” produce. Choosing the “ugly” ones when you shop at your local supermarket can help prevent excess food from being thrown out.

This “ugly” produce tastes just as good, and while their irregular shapes can be finicky to peel, the Peel Good’s rotating blade conforms to the surface of the produce, making it easier to peel even the most “aesthetically challenged” foods.

Tip 5: Compost the excess

Produce scraps are ideal candidates for your compost bin. This is because smaller pieces provide greater surface area for the bacteria responsible for decomposing.

The strips you’ve peeled from your produce with the Peel Good Peeler Assortment maximize this surface area while still allowing air to flow through the nutrient-rich compost.

The Peel Good Peeler Assortment—with Julienne, Serrated, and Straight Blades—is available for $12.99 at FullCircleHome.com. Individual Peel Good peelers can be purchased for $7.99.

Full Circle Home is a small, privately held company dedicated to designing sustainable home products for those hard-to-tame cleaning and organizing challenges. Every Full Circle product is designed to be a little victory for sustainability, and for your hectic routine.

Contact: Elizabeth Harrington, Elizabeth@fullcirclehome.com

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