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Ford Service Coupon Offers Advice on How Drivers Can Prepare and Stay Safe for the Up Coming Winter



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Drivers should take the time now to invest in the right tire and tire maintenance for winter so that they are better prepared for the harsh season.

Car Battery

The winter can reek havoc on batteries. Drivers need to be sure to take extra care and ensure they have the right batter for their vehicle.

Ford Service Coupon wants to help drivers all over prepare for the up coming winter and stay safe.

CINCINNATI, OHIO, UNITED STATES, June 2, 2023/ — While the summer heat may just be starting, it’s not too early to start planning for the winter months. While people prepare for the cold differently in different regions, everyone should consider preparing their vehicles for the winter according to their local weather. Regardless of where drivers live, the colder weather can cause vehicles to malfunction.

There are always preventative measures people can take to ensure their vehicle remains in excellent working condition during the drastic climate change. Therefore, Ford Service Coupon has a few ideas that drivers may want to put into practice to protect their cars and stay safe on the road during the winter.

Preparation For Ford Tires

Maintaining good tires during the winter is incredibly important. Having the proper tires may be more crucial in some regions than others. For places that get a lot of deep snow and mountainous regions, such as Colorado, Wyoming, the Dakotas, and other similar areas, drivers may want to invest in snow tires and even tire chains. These come in handy and provide traction when snow and ice get too thick and make driving difficult or even dangerous.

Other areas, such as southern states, including Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, may not have to go to such extremes for their tires. However, that doesn’t mean drivers in those areas do not need to prep their tires properly. Drivers in these areas may still want to check their tread and their tire pressure often. Driving on slick, wet roads is a lot harder to do with tires that don’t have good tread. Additionally, the drastic changes from hot to cold weather can cause tires to lose pressure. Therefore, drivers need to be sure to always check tire pressure and tread regardless of their local winter weather. Loca Ford maintenance shops in town will be able to help assist drivers in getting the right tires and tire maintenance for their vehicle.

Ford Battery Protection and Maintenance

Not many think about their car battery until it starts to malfunction on them, whether it’s a slow start or doesn’t start at all. To avoid this unpleasant surprise, particularly early in the morning, drivers will want to invest in regular battery tests and battery maintenance. This will ensure drivers stay ahead of any issues with their vehicle battery in the cold, especially if they are away from home.

One thing drivers need to check is their terminals. Terminals can easily get corroded, and during the winter, it is not the time to get stranded anyplace. Terminals can easily be cleaned off with a wire brush and a mixture of water and baking soda. A can of Coke will also do the trick in a pinch. This would also be an excellent time to add a protective sealant on the terminals to keep them from corroding in the future.

Maintain Regular Oil Changes and Other Fluid Levels

Keeping up with oil changes is incredibly important regardless of the weather. However, there are other fluids vehicles typically take that often get overlooked. For instance, condensation can occur inside fuel tanks, which can get inside the fuel pump and cause it to break down. The best way to avoid this is by staying topped off on fuel.

Antifreeze is another overlooked fluid in vehicles. Antifreeze prevents any water that is in the engine’s cooling system from freezing over when the temperature drops. This is exceptionally important to have for drivers who are located in the more northern and colder areas. However, no matter what region drivers reside in, it’s always a good idea to keep extra antifreeze on hand during the winter months.

Windshield wiper fluid helps to keep your windshield free from debris, dust, and other particles that can prevent drivers from viewing the road properly. There are types of windshield wiper fluid that can help make moisture bead up and run off the windshield. Windshield wiper can be helpful during the wet seasons and increases visibility.

Additional Safety Measures for Every Driver

Staying safe and being prepared for unexpected emergencies is always a great course of action. No one plans to get stuck or have an accident. Therefore, it is always best to have a few things on hand in case the worst happens, especially during the winter time.

One thing drivers should always invest in and have in their vehicles is some kind of survival kit. This sounds extreme, but this will come in handy in the least expected times. These kits can either be bought as a set, or drivers can create them based on their needs.

A survival kit can consist of several items:

-a space blanket to stay warm
-a flashlight
-ice scrapers for colder areas
-a backup phone charger or battery pack
-non-perishable snacks

There have been plenty of times when drivers have gotten stuck and had to wait for several hours before someone could get to them. This survival kit will make a bad situation less stressful.

Even though summer is just starting, that doesn’t mean drivers should not be proactive and start preparing. The earlier people start getting ready for the winter, the better chance they will have of handling emergencies or even dangerous situations out on the road. Starting early also means people can save money and find the best deals. Drivers can always find the best deals on tires, batteries, and oil changes with Ford Service Coupon.

Affording maintenance service can be difficult for many, but it doesn’t have to be with Ford Service Coupon, a money-saving service available to all Ford customers in the Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee areas who need to save on essential auto services. Maintenance is a crucial part of owning any vehicle, and Ford Service Coupon aims to help drivers across the country get the services they need the most at a price no one can beat. For more information on how Ford Service Coupon is helping these communities call 859-341-6603 or email them at

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