Focused on Intelligent Technology, Haier’s Innovative Products Captivate the European Market

QINGDAO, China–(BUSINESS WIRE)–“Storing wine at the proper temperature is an homage to its integrity.” Simon, a Haier customer residing in Paris, France, is not only an interior designer but also a connoisseur committed to the highest standards of quality in lifestyle. His home is replete with an array of appliances, predominantly from Haier.

In France, wine is an indispensable “art form” of daily life, while the conditions for its storage are exceedingly rigorous. Simon has chosen Haier’s intelligent wine cabinet, which employs a natural air circulation system to maintain a stable temperature and humidity. The cabinet also features light control technology that mimics the illumination of a wine cellar, and automatically adjusts the temperature to preserve the wine’s authentic flavor profile. “It’s challenging to remember every bottle you’ve purchased, but with this online wine cooler, I no longer have to search bottle by bottle,” Simon says. With the tap of a smartphone, he can pinpoint the exact location of a specific bottle. In a sense, Haier’s intelligent wine cabinet has become a guardian of French wine culture, safeguarding a refined lifestyle through the deployment of smart technology.

The French hold a discerning eye for the nuances and quality of life. Not only is Simon an aficionado who intimately knows wines of various categories, but he also opts for Haier’s intelligent refrigerator, capable of instant ice-making, to chill his aged white wines. He utilizes Haier’s 979 Plus washing machine, employing its AI-enabled intelligent wash feature to customize laundry cycles tailored for different fabrics like jeans and shirts. Nowadays, across Europe, Haier products imbued with smart technology, including intelligent wine cabinets, interconnected refrigerators, cutting-edge washing machines, dryers, and dishwashers, have become local sensations. These offerings deliver comprehensive smart-home solutions that address a plethora of lifestyle needs, encompassing clothing, food, shelter, and entertainment.

In the realm of intelligent laundry care, the X series 11 dryer incorporates an industry-first dual-engine heat pump system, tackling long-standing industry challenges like the tangling and clumping of large items and the inefficient drying of smaller items clinging to the drum walls. Within the smart kitchen context, Haier’s Cube 90 series refrigerator serves as the hub of household connectivity. Through the refrigerator’s display, users can browse the internet, access customized recipes, monitor the status of the oven, and more—rendering the cooking process both entertaining and convenient. By crafting these novel intelligent experiences, Haier has not only transformed the lifestyles of European consumers but has also extended the innovative prowess of Chinese technology to Europe and the global stage.

In Europe, less than 5% of households possess air conditioning units. Apart from environmental and cultural factors, the prohibitive cost of installation also contributes to the low adoption rate. In Italy, Haier has iteratively upgraded its F-series smart air conditioner to include an “Easy Install” feature, catering specifically to local needs. What traditionally required a two-person team for installation can now be accomplished by a single individual. This service not only reduces installation time by 30% but also cuts down the servicemen’s working hours by 60%, making the process more efficient and cost-effective.

As Yannick Fierling, Haier’s Chief Executive Officer for Europe, articulated in a media interview: “We strive to deliver an experience, not merely a product. This is the essence of our intelligent partnership with our customers, creating customized scenarios in their homes, kitchens, and laundry rooms to enrich their lives.” Haier’s offerings have met the demands of the high-end market and maintain a leading position, enjoying sustained favor among European consumers. With an approximate annual growth rate of 25% in the European market, Haier has emerged as the fastest-growing Chinese brand in Europe over the past eight years.

Not limited to Europe, Haier Smart Home has deeply penetrated nearly 200 countries and regions worldwide, serving over one billion user households globally. With 35 industrial parks, 138 manufacturing centers, and a sprawling network of 230,000 sales points, Haier has constructed a multifaceted advantage—comprising global brand coverage, a tripartite global synergy, and collaborative global research and development.

From an appliance manufacturer to an intelligent lifestyle service provider, and now to an Internet of Things ecosystem brand, Haier remains incessantly progressive in its exploration. As it delves deeper into globalization, leveraging its “10+N” innovation and research system, Haier continues to strive for empowering consumers with more intelligent and convenient living solutions. Emerging from China to engage the world, Haier reaffirms the notion that by focusing on user demands as the genesis of innovation, Chinese brands are poised to usher the global smart living landscape into a new epoch.



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