FlokiMarvin $PALS, the next Token to Moon

New York, NY, July 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — FlokiMarvin $PALS on the BSC network is shaping up to to land on moon. The long-term vision of Floki Marvin $PALS is to reach a token value of 1$ at a one-billion-dollar market capitalization. This will be accomplished by establishing strong venture capitalist investments, several strategic partnerships, extensive marketing, software and hardware wallet development and unparalleled community building. Holders of FlokiMarvin $PALS will be rewarded by passive income in the form of WBTC and WETH along with staking opportunities.

Launching with a token value of just .0003 cents FlokiMarvin PALS will achieve a 0.01 cent value at a 10-million-dollar market capitalization. At that point, FlokiMarvin will rebrand to PALS to continue its upward trend. The rebrand along with utilities such as its software and hardware wallet, will lay the groundwork for a $1 token value goal at a one-billion-dollar market capitalization! The long-term goal is to move from a MEME focused token to a real coin with value, very similar to what we have seen with DogeCoin and Baby Dogecoin projects.

FlokiMarvin PALS is the first iteration of the $PALS token journey, the focus of which will be to build a strong foundation of community and investment for the $PALS ecosystem.  FlokiMarvin will accomplish this by:

1) ETH and BTC rewards: Given the current market prices this is a very special time to acquire these two major assets. FlokiMarvin chose these reward tokens to support our investors in automatically acquiring these assets at an excellent price. FlokiMarvin holders who hold more than 500,000 $PALS tokens will be rewarded with Binance-Peg BEP20 ETH and BTC rewards on every transaction that occurs (Buy/Sell). In more detail, 4% of all buys and 4% of all sells will be accumulated in a wallet that will distribute those rewards every 24 hours to the eligible FlokiMarvin holders. Those investors will have to hold their tokens for at least 24 hours before receiving the first accumulation of the rewards and our holders will be able to calculate and monitor their rewards by using their DAPP.

2) Staking Rewards: Token staking will be made available so that holders can continue to build their investment passively in the PALS ecosystem. The staking platform will allow holders to build their position over time. There will be four staking periods 7 days, 30 days and 90 days. APY % will be variable based on market capitalization but will be competitive. Staking as a utility will bring passive income to holders by enabling them to stake their PALS token and receive the native token as passive income securing their investment. 

3) Venture Capitalist involvement: FlokiMarvin $PALS is partnering with venture capitalists with the intent of creating a solid floor price for the $PALS ecosystem along with marketing and community building support from top tier professionals. 

4) Community building: FlokiMarvin $PALS will focus on a strong and supportive community. The community will be built via incorporating a ‘Socials Build Plan’ and will aim to build that community on strong foundations based on market research. Engaging high-profile individuals that have a history of successful involvement in projects in the past. Community was, is and should be the #1 priority for FlokiMarvin.

5) Wallet: Their wallet (Paw Pals) will be introduced as a software and eventual hardware wallet. This will support the PALS ecosystem as a main utility that will bring exclusive features to investors and the wider crypto community.

Website: http://flokimarvin.io

Telegram: https://t.me/FlokiMarvinPortal

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FlokiMarvin


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