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CALGARY, Alberta, Sept. 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Credivera announced today that it has expanded its service offerings to their customers through a collaboration with BTNX Inc. (“BTNX”), a biotechnology company and world leader in rapid, diagnostic testing solutions. BTNX will integrate with Credivera’s digital Wallet and display verified results of rapid drug and alcohol screens, and COVID-19 antigen rapid testing.

Dan Giurescu, Chief Executive Officer of Credivera commented, “The ability for our customers in high-compliance, regulated industries to add these verified health credentials to their digital Wallets, adds additional confidence and convenience when demonstrating fit for work capability. Together with BTNX, we are helping make work sites safer and more efficient when deploying talent.”

BTNX’s products—distributed by Lochness Medical Supplies Inc. (“Lochness Medical”) in the USA—have an international reach serving clinics, staffing agencies, and laboratories across the globe. As companies seek to provide proof of a drug-free work environment, BTNX offers a variety of testing products with a shelf life of two years, a much-needed solution for remote and rural work environments.

“In the digital age the merger of technology and diagnostics is fast becoming a necessity in the staffing and employment industry and the ability to rapidly connect test results with verified employee credentials will set industry leaders apart,” shared Iqbal Sunderani, BTNX founder and CEO.

When an individual conducts a rapid drug and alcohol screen, or COVID-19 test, the results are visible in 15 minutes or less (depending on the product). Using BTNX’s app the results are then sent to the individual and the site manager, from there the individual can add their results to their Credivera Wallet and meet the testing requirements of their employer. The company can immediately see who complies or needs to be replaced by another worker.

To learn more about using digital verified credentials to achieve workforce compliance, contact Credivera to request a demonstration of the Credivera Wallet and BTNX’s RapidReader application.

About Credivera:

Credivera is a technology platform that provides proof of certifications and work experience. The cloud technology collects and verifies digital credentials while using blockchain to maintain a real-time, auditable record. Started in 2017 and headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Credivera’s solutions use globally accepted standards to help business leaders in over 30 countries achieve their goals associated with the verification of credentials and compliance. Visit to learn more about the Network, The Wallet, and their Compliance tools.

About BTNX:

Based in Ontario, Canada, BTNX Inc. is a biotechnology company with an international reputation for excellence earned through consistently delivering value and quality over its 21 years in business as a Canadian Manufacturer of diagnostic products. Under the Rapid Response® brand, BTNX offers a comprehensive range of rapid point-of-care diagnostic tests. BTNX’s Rapid Response® products are distributed by Lochness Medical Supplies Inc. in the USA. Together BTNX and Lochness Medical provide their customers with the highest quality products at competitive pricing. This is accomplished through partnering with innovative manufacturing facilities staffed with teams of experts, allowing BTNX and Lochness Medical to deliver real value to their customers. Learn more at and


Credivera: T+1 (800) 805-5710

American Inquiries: Lochness Medical Supplies:   T+1 (888) 506 – 2658
Canadian Inquiries: BTNX: T+ 1 (888) 339 – 9964


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