First Humanity Foundation, Organised an Event Felicitating Honourable Dr. Bu Abdullah

First Humanity Foundation held a grand event at JW Marriott, Mumbai. This non-profit foundation felicitated Dr. Bu Abdullah, an Emirati Businessman of par excellence. This event and press meet were affirmatively star-studded. Taking time from the glamour and glitz of Bollywood, many Indian actors managed to involve and address various social causes. B-town celebs have been closely involved in governmental and non-governmental efforts to send out strong social messages to the masses.


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From left to right: Manisha Ranawat, Anupama Agnihotri, Dr. Bu Abdullah 


The event night was graced by dignitaries such as Dr. Bu Abdullah, Chairman of Bu Abdullah Group-UAE. Dr. Bu Abdullah holds the Guinness World Record and the World Book of Records UK to weigh the love and commitment he has for the people of UAE. He is appointed as the Head of the Advisory board in First Humanity Foundation NGO.


Manisha Ranawat, the youngest filmmaker of Bollywood, was an integral part of this glorious event. She is the youngest and a great filmmaker who understands many technological elements that make a great film. Among the B-town celebrities was Anupama Agnihotri, an Indian film actress and the brand ambassador of the First Humanity Foundation, who has worked predominantly in Bollywood. She’ll be seen in many upcoming movies.


The presence of this combo of Bollywood and NGO added to the glory of the evening. The core idea behind this event was to recognize, encourage and celebrate the opening of the Dubai Office of The First Humanity Foundation. The event was joined by other foundation members, including the Chairman and trustee at First Humanity Foundation and COO of Fleurs Gold and Diamond UAE, Vishal Dhanak; Vice-chairman, Sunil Vaya; Advisory Board Member, Prashanth Balaji, and Managing Trustee, Sunil Soni.


The First Humanity Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by family and friends. It is a Social Justice organization initiated by social workers and business people. The Foundation is devoted to building a healthy and educated society by furnishing institutionalized generosity for long-term, high-impact, and socio-economic transformation. The mission of this foundation is to serve humanity across the globe by providing education, health, and food. They are trustworthy sources of inspiration, extending a helping hand to the people in need.

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