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TAIPEI, Taiwan–()–The Taiwan Textile Federation recently released an explainer video detailing the latest developments of one of the country’s most innovative sectors – “Discover Taiwan Textiles”. Manufacturers, such as Ta Cherng Embroidery, JSRTEX Group, Nam Liong Global Corporation, Tainan Branch and Chung Ming Textiles, are fine examples of this tradition of innovation.

Click here to watch the English-language version of the video. (Courtesy of Taiwan Textile Federation)

Seeking Original Designs Through Innovation

Ta Cherng Embroidery has pushed the boundaries of what is possible with embroidery and used branding and marketing to bring this traditional industry into the 21st century. Continuous investment in R&D has helped them stay ahead of the curve.

“Taiwan is the focus of our marketing efforts, so we’ve designed exquisite embroidery gifts with local imagery, such as magnets, luggage tags, and bag buckles,” said Ta Cherng Embroidery Chairman Liu Chin-hsien.

Reducing Carbon Footprint Through Innovation

After seeing the evidence of climate change and realizing how urgent it is to act before things get worse, the JSRTEX Group has taken steps to become carbon neutral and reduce its environmental impact through innovation.

It’s a complex yet essential process for the future of manufacturing and, beyond, fashion. “The textile industry is a major contributor to water pollution and air emissions,” remarked JSRTEX Group President Ryan Chen.

Chen added while announcing an ambitious set of targets to become carbon neutral. Among other highlights, JSRTEX developed “Bio-Bolism” series of products made from renewable resources and bio-based materials.

Becoming More Sustainable Through Innovation

As a textile industry leader, Nam Liong Global Corporation, Tainan Branch also aims to reduce energy consumption and the amount of waste it produces. These goals are not only good for the environment, but they also make good business sense.

“We aim to reduce our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2% annually by clearly identifying the amount of greenhouse gas we are emitting,” said Brian Chen, sales manager at the Rubber Sponge Division of Nam Liong.

Meeting Clients’ and Society’s Expectations Through Innovation

By making small changes in its production methods, Chung Ming Textiles aims to make a big difference for the planet. The Taiwanese company has developed many strategies to reduce its environmental impacts and create a brighter future for textiles.

Chung Ming Textiles has adopted sustainable practices, such as using recycled materials, investing in renewable energy, and reducing water and chemical use. As the expectations for sustainable textile products continue to grow, the company aims to lead by example.

“We are trying to keep our company’s production and operations balanced, but we have set an important goal for 2023, which is to lower the amount of waste we produce by 10%,” said Jim Chen, general manager of Chung Ming Textiles.

Becoming More Competitive Through Innovation

New technologies and processes have allowed Taiwanese manufacturers to stay ahead of their competitors. manufacturers have maintained their position as leading producers of textile products.

Innovation has also led to more sustainable manufacturing practices that benefit society. This shift has been able to reduce pollution, save energy, and create new jobs.

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