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Saint Petersburg, Florida, Nov. 12, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NewMediaWire — Energy And Water Development Corp (OTC:EAWD) has established an official Subsidiary of EAWD in Germany to ensure the company is positioned to service its growing business in one of the EU’s most environmentally progressive countries.

EAWD manufactures its patented energy-supplied Atmosphere Water Generators (eAWG). Each features a state-of-the-art energy management and storage system, as well as high efficiency compressors, and high-performance solar glass panels that generate all the energy each unit needs to turn moisture in the air into clean water for drinking, agricultural, and industrial use.

EAWD’s first project in the country is in the city of Grünheide (Mark), just 20 miles east of Berlin’s city center. An idyllic lakeside village, Grünheide (Mark) is seeing rapid commercial, residential, and industrial development. Tesla’s nearby European Gigafactory is expected to begin production by the end of the year. Several large eAWGs from EAWD will provide up to 2.6 million gallons of water per day and 2 Mw of electrical power to support this growth.

Implementing this technology will help the village support the top two objectives of the COP26 climate conference by using renewable energy to power the water system and protecting the natural habitat of the community. “Working with EAWD, we are showing the world the future of carbon-free water infrastructure,” said Grünheide (Mark) mayor, Arne Christiani. “This will provide millions of liters of fresh, clean water for our citizens every day while protecting the lakes and rivers that make this area so special.”

“Establishing the German Subsidiary is an important demonstration of EAWD’s commitment to the local markets while providing protection for investors in the parent company,” said Irma Velazquez, MSc – COO, of EAWD. “This comes on the heels of our recent announcements of global patent and trademark protections which has us ready for future growth.”

About Energy And Water Development

Energy And Water Development is an engineering solutions company focused on delivering innovative and sustainable solutions of water and energy. EAWD builds its systems out of proven technologies, using their technical know-how to customize solutions to their clients’ needs. The Company offers design, construction, maintenance and specialty consulting services to private companies, government entities and non-government organizations (NGOs). 

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