EMQ Attends 2022 Code BEAM Europe Conference in Stockholm

STOCKHOLM, May 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — EMQ, an open-source IoT data infrastructure software provider and creator of the most scalable MQTT-based IoT messaging platform, attended the 2022 Code BEAM Europe Conference in Stockholm from May 19-20, 2022.

EMQ Tech team at Code BEAM EU 2022

Code BEAM Europe conference is a community lead conference that strives to engage the best minds in Erlang and Elixir coding to share knowledge and inspire them to discover the future of the Erlang & Elixir ecosystem.

The action-packed two-day conference fused with 30 cutting-edge talks and in-depth tutorials on real-world applications of Erlang, Elixir, and other emerging technologies.

The BEAM language has been successful for three decades and still counting. Erlang, the most prominent of the BEAM language, underpins high-performance and massively scalable distributed systems and served as the basis for many successful high-profile IoT projects.

EMQ’s flagship product EMQX is an open-source, ultra-scalable distributed MQTT messaging broker written in Erlang/OTP. Especially the latest version of EMQX 5.0 significantly improves the overall performance, supporting 100 million connections of IoT devices at peak times.

Erlang powers high concurrency, long-running processes, and massive message passing to provide always-on, high-speed IoT data access for EMQ global clients.

popular open-source Erlang projects by LibHunt

To date, EMQ has contributed quite a lot of open-source Erlang projects on its Github site. EMQX is now ranked No.1 on the popular open-source Erlang projects by LibHunt, and it has over 9.6k stars on Github.

During the conference, William Yang, software engineer at EMQ, presented an enlightening keynote, entitled, ” QUICER: next-generation transport protocol library for BEAM.”

Keynote by William Yang

The QUIC protocol, which was originally proposed by Google, has recently gained a remarkable presence.

“For IoT applications, messaging protocols must be lightweight, since IoT devices are usually resource constrained. Unfortunately, the existing transport and security protocols – namely TCP/TLS and UDP/DTLS – fall short in terms of connection overhead, latency, and connection migration when used in IoT applications.

However, by integrating MQTT with QUIC, we could solve some issues that TCP could not and results in higher performance. ” According to William.

William also spotlighted the world’s first MQTT over QUIC implementation powered by EMQ and the new open-source NIF library QUICER ( GitHub – emqx/quic: QUIC Protocol for Erlang & Elixir) that was built for BEAM.

Keynote by Dmitrii Fedoseev


Another keynote by Dmitrii Fedoseev at EMQ addressed how to test distributed consistent fault-tolerant with SNABBKAFFE. Dmitrii delivered how EMQ successfully adopted the trace-based approach for the practical applications running in production. EMQ has a deep understanding of how software is behaving in the real production environment is crucial for success.

Learn more about EMQ products and get started for free.

About EMQ

Founded in 2017, EMQ is an innovative deep open-source technology provider with strong roots in IoT data infrastructure, delivering the world’s leading cloud-native MQTT messaging, streaming database, and edge computing solutions, and thriving on building the foundation of the digital economy that raises expectations for how the world does business in the IoT era.

The mission of EMQ is to empower the organizations with future-proof IoT solutions through unified “Connect, Move, Process, and Analyze” IoT data from the edge to the cloud to multi-cloud.

EMQ robust and flexible Cloud-Edge solutions ensure industrial-grade quality, reliability, security, bandwidth, latency & throughput to ensure maximum uptime for your critical IoT asset and make your digital transformation run more smoothly.

As a global organization, EMQ located its R&D center in Stockholm, Sweden, and has 10 offices throughout the Americas, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region. Approximately 10,000 organizations of all sizes use EMQ’s flagship product (EMQX), spanning more than 100 million IoT devices across over 50 countries.

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