Empowering Dreams, Transforming Lives with 17 Lakhs Support

Young entrepreneur Dhiraj Sambare, inheriting the legacy of Jijau Foundation, extends a generous helping hand of 17 lakhs to an underprivileged student, nurturing dreams of becoming a doctor or engineer. In a society where aspirations of many remain unfulfilled due to circumstances, this gesture by Dhiraj Sambare has been truly remarkable. 


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Vishal Patil (right), aspiring MBBS doctor, and Nilesh Sambare (left), guiding dreams into reality through Jijau Foundation’s support


The Jijau Foundation, both an educational and social institution, has implemented various initiatives to ensure deserving students, even from economically deprived backgrounds, receive quality education. In addition to facilitating education for the less privileged, Jijau Foundation’s founder Nilesh Sambare has provided financial assistance to fulfill dreams like that of Swapnil Mane, a son of a modest farmer from Kolhapur aspiring to become an IPS officer. 


This effort portrays the organization’s commitment to empower the dreams of numerous young individuals, guiding them towards a brighter future. 


Vishal Patil comes from a family of farmers in Wada taluka. Due to financial constraints, he had to study at home instead of attending classes. Despite this obstacle, he persevered and achieved an impressive score of 470 in NEET, securing the top position in Wada taluka. However, Vishal’s father, being a common farmer, could not afford the high fees for his medical education. Fortunately, Dhiraj Sambare, the son of Nilesh Sambare, founder of Jijau Institute and a prominent businessman, learned about Vishal’s situation and generously paid his entire first year MBBS fee of 17 lakh 12 thousand rupees.


Despite financial constraints, Jijau Foundation has played a pivotal role in securing Vishal’s admission to MBBS by covering his substantial fees for the first year. It is these acts of transforming dreams into reality through education that make Jijau Foundation an exemplary entity in today’s society. The successful realization of Vishal’s aspiration to become an MBBS doctor brings immense joy not only to his family and the village of Nane, but resonates across the entire region, exemplifying the positive impact of Jijau Foundation’s initiatives.

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