Empathable Launches Immersive, First-Person POV Video Experience to Event Roster

The video experience is designed to help organizations build inclusion and belonging amongst staff of Fortune 500 companies.

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS , UNITED STATES, August 6, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Renowned empathy training company, Empathable, is pleased to announce the launch of its immersive, first-person POV video experience to its list of events and offerings.

Empathable, an award-winning organization that creates science-based, immersive experiences that improve empathy across corporate America, namely Fortune 500 companies. The company’s services are designed to draw on robust evidence that immersion is important for evoking emotion and curiosity – something Empathable says is missing in many Fortune 500 companies across the globe.

In the company’s most recent news, Empathable is excited to announce its new immersive, first-person POV video experience to add its list of events aimed at building inclusion and belonging. This particular path (the word the company uses for experiences) is that of someone called “Z.” According to Empathable, experiences are vignettes drawn from real individuals who celebrate the validity of these personal experiences in order to help individuals understand their own and each other’s differences.

“Z is a black, heterosexual woman with an MBA who works at a Fortune 50 company,” says Founder of Empathable, Micah Kessel. “She’s also a mother and identifies as Christian. Experiencing her stories first-hand helps us learn more about her than any regular narrative could ever explain. By walking in her shoes, participants will learn about topics such as allyship, microaggressions, psychological safety, implicit bias, interconnectedness, and what inclusion and belonging truly feel like.”

“So many organizations have learning programs or even micro-learning on specific concepts such as those just mentioned,” Kessel continues. “Empathable brings inclusion and belonging to life. It’s where micro-learning meets human experience, and the result is watching these experiences guide dynamic change within institutions and organizations. We’ve already shared Z’s experience with multiple organizations in the last month and we’ve noticed that so many of the conversations were highly relatable to women, people of color, and gender diverse folks.”

“We’re grateful to Z for sharing her personal stories so that we can take her advocacy further without asking her to do the heavy lifting herself,” Kessel concludes. “The ideal time to share this experience is whenever your organization is ready to have deeper conversations around what belonging should look and feel like.”

To schedule a preview of Z’s experience, visit Empathable’s website to schedule a free demo. The company is also happy to plan out how organizations can measure change quantifiably with its social science research team and give reports that can be shared with leadership teams.

About Empathable

Empathable is a human resources development organization that utilises first-person point-of-view empathy training for business experiences. According to the company, by being curious – and understanding that we don’t know everything about everyone – we build the active listening skills needed by leaders and teams to have successful collaborative outcomes. Ultimately, we normalize the experience of emotion, and make emotional learning easy and enjoyable.

The company has worked with numerous Fortune 500 clients since its inception, including Cisco, Museum of Science, Northeastern University, Dartmouth, Ford|Fund, Harvard Diversity Inclusion & Belonging, and many more.

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