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ORLANDO, Fla., April 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Breaking news from  SPYR Inc. (OTCQB: SPYR), a technology company whose subsidiary, Applied Magix, Inc., develops and resells Apple® ecosystem compatible products in the growing multibillion-dollar IoT smart home and connected car markets is interesting for several reasons.

Let’s start with the headline:

SPYR Technologies’ Applied Magix Considers MVNO Business”

For starters, investors at this strata of the market aren’t often privy to thinking-out-loud press releases like this. And while the staff at The Emerging Market Report greatly prefers firm items like signed agreements versus say LOI’s or contemplated market moves, transparency such as the release from the team at SPYR, who has a history of doing things differently can be revealing.

First off, what SPYR is considering is entering the MVNO market with special mobile phone plans exclusively supporting iPhone users. For the uninitiated, MVNO stands for Mobile Virtual Network Operators, which have exploded into the mobile phone space by providing consumers with alternatives to the major carriers’ plans with offerings that are often less expensive. You see, MVNOs are carriers that don´t have their own wireless networks; instead, they piggyback off of another carrier´s platform to provide cellphone coverage through their own phone plans. In essence, the MVNO concept allows everyone to potentially be a carrier.

And while everyone can potentially be a carrier, in practicality everyone can’t be successful.

One of the defining differences in our estimation would be A) do you have a team in place to build an elegant and efficient business model to execute the MVNO roll-out? and B) do you have or can you generate audience/users?

First off, we love the idea of an Apple specific MVNO. Apple is a lifestyle brand at this point, a potent blend of performance/style/prestige that SPYR has long recognized is its own universe of opportunity. It’s current suite of products takes the phrase “Apples to Apple Eaters” and distills it to “Apple Products to Apple Lovers.”

This contemplated MVNO- just for Apple users- could be cut from the same cloth. Remember, SPYR already has a good book of business with plenty of Apple iPhone owners.

Here’s what SPYR’s Applied Magix CEO Harald Zink had to say about this very opportunity:

“There are a lot of great carriers out there providing mobile services, but for most of them it feels like their Apple customers are an afterthought, which is frustrating if you’re an Apple user. We feel that we can do better – of course, we are not just going to jump into this. We are carefully exploring and evaluating the available MVNO offerings, as well as exploring and evaluating the market space, to see what customers want.”

And again, all this is simply under CONSIDERATION which we wrote in all-caps, underlined and in bold for a reason. But it is not a pie-in-the-sky hypothetical. It is a real prospect, a brand extension/market opportunity for a Company who has long been shaking the Apple tree of opportunity.

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