Elpro International School Keeps the Inspiration Flowing with TEDx


After the superlative success of first edition of TEDx in 2021, Elpro International School dived into months of assiduous preparations that finally culminated into a grand show on the 26th February, 2022. The second edition of TEDxElproIntlSchool was crafted with care that captured the essence of ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’.


An amazing line up of speakers at TEDxElproIntlSchool


Elaborating on the theme of ‘Omnipresent Inspiration Around Us’, 23 remarkable speakers took the opportunity to share stories of inspiration drawn from their own personal experiences. The lineup of speakers included student speakers from EIS and some of the most remarkable personalities like Major General (Dr.) Vikram Dev Dogra, Bipin Kaul-Chief Business Officer of PayTm, Professor M. M. Pant, RJ Mandee and the likes who graced the platform of TEDxElproIntlSchool.


With an explosion of ideas and myriad thought-provoking conversations, the platform of TEDx had really grown in stature at EIS. A wide range of fascinating topics were touched upon that encompassed Quantum Readiness, Mental Health, COVID-19, Sports, Belief Systems, Anxiety, Happiness, Art, Panchatatva, Languages, etc. The stories and experiences of inspiration stemmed out of passion, determination, perseverance and hopefulness.


Dr. Amrita Vohra, the Director Principal of Elpro International School on the occasion said, “Inspiring the new generation of learners with innovative thought processes and ideas is at the bedrock of nurturing the leaders of tomorrow at EIS. TEDxElproIntlSchool served as an ideal platform where ideas collided beautifully to create an inspirational discourse amongst the growing community of EIS.”


The TED conference of EIS has reaffirmed the faith in soul-stirring conversations that excite the human mind. It has planted new seeds of ideas to flourish in abundance.


Sugandha Khandelwal, the convener of TEDxElproIntlSchool says, “A TEDx conference is a lot more that sparking interesting conversations in the community. For us as organizers it was important to let our team of 35 student volunteers experience the huge amount of planning and logistics that went into the event. It allowed them to develop valuable skills that will benefit them throughout their careers and lives: management and administration skills, communication techniques, organization and much more.”


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