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FORT MYERS, Fla., Sept. 13, 2022 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Black people routinely face discrimination in the hiring process. Sometimes this happens because of a conscious bias. However, unconscious bias frequently occurs due to people’s tendency to hire people like themselves, according to job site Trove Talent.

Trove Talent

IMAGE CAPTION: Trove Talent brings a new approach to the problem of initial bias in the hiring process.

Potential employers often skip over applicants with better skills and more relevant experience for a specific job if their resume reveals one or more of the six common contributors to bias.

A Better Way for Employers to Hire.

Trove Talent brings a new approach to the problem of initial bias in the hiring process with the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Trove Talent’s proprietary algorithm.

Trove Talent rates and ranks all job candidates according to how well their abilities, skills, and talents match the specific requirements for an employer’s open job position. Then, Trove Talent removes the six most common causes of bias in an organization’s talent recruitment thinking, resume review procedures, interview consideration process, and hiring practices.

By eliminating the bias (conscious or unconscious), Trove Talent’s new website helps firms find the talent they’ve been missing and leads employers to hire the best candidate for the job regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, or age.

Because Trove rates and ranks job seekers on their talents, more people get through the screening process providing for “real” equal opportunity employment.

A Better Way for Job Seekers to Get Hired.

For job seekers, Trove Talent is like having a personal job recruiter working for them 24/7.

Traditional job search sites require a candidate to search through hundreds of job listings and submit their resume through an online portal. Trove Talent constantly scans and categorizes open job positions that best match each person’s job abilities, preferences, skills, talents, and compensation requirements.

Should an employer want to interview a top-ranked candidate for a specific job, Trove lets the job seeker know, empowers the job seeker to decide if the job is a good match, and initiate the conversation with the potential employer.

“The current gap for technical talent in the marketplace will grow with 50% of the workforce expected to move into more technical roles,” said Kelly Smith, co-founder. “Trove Talent helps firms fill this gap by finding the technical talent that often gets overlooked because of unintended bias. Diversity of thought is critical to the success of any business. Good employers embrace diversity because it leads to new ideas and perspectives. And, despite the strides made at progressive firms to minimize bias in the interview decision process, many hiring and talent acquisition leaders remain frustrated by the fundamental flaws in how talent recruitment works today. This is why we created Trove Talent.”

And while Trove’s objective isn’t as lofty as Google’s to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible, it is to help one person at a time to be recognized for their true talents and break through the glass ceiling of discrimination.

About Trove Talent:

Trove Talent helps hiring managers attract a diversity of talent for open job positions and ensure candidates with the skills and talent that best match the specific requirements for available jobs get considered based solely on the talent and potential they offer.

By eliminating bias in recruitment thinking, resume review procedures, and the interview consideration process, Trove Talent’s website removes less-qualified candidates from the consideration and helps find better-qualified talent for consideration and selection.

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Caption: Trove Talent brings a new approach to the problem of initial bias in the hiring process.

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