Elan Group Appoints BENOY to Design the 1st Luxury Mall of Gurugram

In the dynamic world of real estate, Elan Group has sparked tremendous excitement with its appointment of BENOY, a globally recognized architectural firm, to design the 1st Luxury Mall of Gurugram. This step marks a departure from conventional structures, ushering in a new era of stunning designs and innovative concepts set to reshape the architectural horizon of Gurugram.


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First Luxury Mall of Gurugram


Boasting over 75 years of expertise, BENOY stands as a vanguard in crafting designs that transcend conventional boundaries. From retail marvels to residential wonders, their global footprint showcases renowned projects such as the Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, Changi Airport in Singapore, Alibaba HQ in China, the iconic ICONSIAM in Thailand and a myriad of others. BENOY’s notable contributions in India also encompass projects like G20’s Bharat Mandapam and The CHANAKYA in New Delhi & many more, demonstrating their versatility.


Elan Group’s upcoming endeavour in Sector 82, Gurugram will have BENOY infusing innovation and global design into the city’s fabric. The project will feature an ultra-luxury mall with a 5-star hotel, comprising high-end retail, multiplex, food court, entertainment, restaurants, and more!


BENOY has always focused on flexible and experiential design, curating their thinking based on the needs of the individuals who use the spaces they create. With the appointment of BENOY, the commercial masterpiece at Sector 82, Gurugram will be a fusion of luxury, modernity, functionality, and sustainability, set to redefine Gurugram’s skyline.


Speaking about the appointment of the world-renowned BENOY, Elan Group’s Managing Director, Mr Ravish Kapoor, expressed, “We are thrilled by appointing BENOY to design the 1st Luxury Mall of Gurugram. This step is a pivotal stepping stone in our journey towards achieving excellence in whatever we do. At Elan Group, we constantly work to push the boundaries of what is possible in real estate and now that we’ve welcomed the expertise of BENOY, we are set to create a quintessential masterpiece that promises to serve the current and future generations at a highly distinguished address.”


Mr Mike Wilson-MacCormack, Design Director, BENOY, said, “We are excited to work on Elan Group’s upcoming endeavour at Sector 82, Gurugram and planning to design a truly unique retail, dining and hospitality experience. Considering our retail planning drives strong patronage, the very best outcomes for retailers and investors will be aligned to transform the face of Gurugram. This project will meet the aspirations and needs of the people of Gurugram and at the very same time, it’s introducing new concepts from around the globe.”


In all, this avant-garde project by Elan Group will accentuate Gurugram’s skyline as a premium lifestyle destination and mixed-used development, offering a seamless blend of retail and hospitality.


With this project, the Group will deliver a space that oozes sophistication and elegance with ground-breaking innovation at its core.


As Elan Group and BENOY embark on this journey together, their shared vision is set to shape Gurugram’s real estate future. The blend of Elan’s innovation and BENOY’s global design aims to create spaces that go beyond being just buildings. The appointment is a significant milestone in real estate development. The fusion of vision and expertise is set to create a legacy of spaces that stand the test of time, leaving a lasting mark on the city’s landscape.

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