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Ed Zimbardi and Former Zambian President Edgar Lungu Discuss Africa’s Longest Road Project



ed zimbardi highway

Ed zimbardi highway

Ed zimbardi highway

Ed Zimbardi & former Zambian President Edgar Lungu discuss Africa’s longest highway, connecting 20 nations. It symbolizes unity, growth, and a shared future.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, September 9, 2023/ — In an unprecedented collaboration, Ed Zimbardi, close confidante to Zambia’s former President Edgar Lungu, joins the conversation around the ambitious highway project poised to become Africa’s longest road. Spanning multiple nations, this transformative project aims to connect economies, cultures, and people.

Zimbardi, known for his close ties with Lungu and insights into various international ventures, remarked, “When you envision a road, you don’t just see asphalt. You see a pathway to opportunities, connections, and growth. This highway is a testament to Africa’s unity and future aspirations.”

The road project, weaving through the terrains of Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, and a myriad of other African nations, totaling 20 in number, is more than just an infrastructural marvel. It is a beacon of hope and progress, set to redefine transportation, commerce, and collaboration across the continent.

Former President Edgar Lungu, with his characteristic blend of vision and practicality, shared, “Zambia, nestled in the heart of Africa, recognizes the significance of connectivity. This highway is a dream, long overdue, which we’re turning into a reality for every African.”

“Imagine a world where trade barriers melt away, cultures intertwine, and the heartbeat of Africa is felt uniformly from north to south, east to west,” Zimbardi added with a light-hearted chuckle. “It’s not just a road; it’s the African dream laid out in miles and kilometers.”

Beyond its economic implications, the highway is set to be a conduit for cultural exchange, tourism, and a shared African identity. As nations like Zambia, which holds a strategic position in this project, gear up for this monumental undertaking, the spirit of collaboration and unity is palpable.

Lungu, reflecting on his tenure and looking towards the continent’s promising future, noted, “As leaders, as friends, and as Africans, our legacy won’t just be in the policies we enact but the paths we pave – quite literally in this case!”

As blueprints translate into action, Zimbardi and Lungu invite the global community to witness a new chapter in Africa’s story – one of connectivity, unity, and boundless possibilities.

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