E.SUN Joins National Taiwan University in Promoting the ESG Centenary Project to Strive for Ecologically Sustainable Development

TAIPEI, Taiwan–()–The E.SUN–NTU ESG Centenary Project, a joint collaboration between E.SUN Bank and the National Taiwan University (NTU), was officially launched on March 25th. The project is composed of two subprojects, one aimed at planting cypress trees native to Taiwan and the other at reviving millet cultivation in Xinyi Township of Nantou. Joining forces and their resources, both E.SUN and NTU demonstrate a commitment to the society by taking actions to forge a sustainable symbiotic relationship between the economy and nature and thereby protect the environment and ecosystem of Taiwan.

The cypress planting project is focused on growing cypress trees in the Yushan mountain range. Cypress trees native to Taiwan include Chamaecyparis formosensis (or Taiwan Red Cypress), Chamaecyparis taiwanensis, Taiwania, Calocedrus formosana (or Taiwan Incense Cedar), and Taiwan cunninghamia, etc. Through this project, 100,000 trees will be planted over a period of 10 years, covering 50 hectares of land. These trees are expected to reduce 242,000 tons of carbon dioxide emission in a hundred years.

The millet revival project aims to revive 28 varieties of millet that were once native to Xinyi Township in Nantou but are now rarely seen in the area. Thanks to the professional endeavors of NTU, a few varieties of millet were brought back home to Taiwan from a seed bank in the United States. The seeds will be used to revitalize the millet industry and culture of the Bunun community, thereby bringing back the culture and values of indigenous peoples in Taiwan.

Joseph N.C.Huang (黃男州), Chairman of E.SUN Bank, says that to be able to work with NTU on making a centennial commitment through a project as beautiful and meaningful as this, is such a historical moment especially in the thirtieth anniversary of E.SUN. Mr. Chung-Ming Kuan, President of NTU, commends the Experimental Forest of NTU for its dedication to promoting forestry management. The President also expresses his sincere gratitude to E.SUN Bank for working with NTU in this ESG Centenary Project, as growing thousands of trees to protect Yushan and reviving millet cultivation in Xinyi Township are conducive to the mitigation of global warming effect and preservation of biodiversity, both significant and valuable to environmental sustainability.

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